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TaylorMade’s NEW SLDR fairway wood and SLDR hybrid

Many golfers know, TaylorMade company has definited fairway wood and hybrid as the SLDR name. But do you know the SLDR stands for “slider.” The golfers can slide a weight, changing its position to affect shot shape.

The TaylorMade SLDR Fairway Wood and rescues have silver clubfaces that contrast with the charcoal-gray crowns; shallow faces and more traditional shaping. They also come with TaylorMade’s Loft-Sleeve technology; the stated loft can be adjusted up or down by as much as 1.5 degrees. They have a “speed pocket” behind the face to increase face flexibility.

They also come with TaylorMade’s Loft-Sleeve technology; the stated loft can be adjusted up or down by as much as 1.5 degrees. In a new approach, that pocket is filled with a polymer to keep turf debris from filling in the gap.

Unlike the TaylorMade SLDR Driver, the weight on the SLDR fairway and Hybrid do not slide, it is stationary. Still, like with the driver, the weight is positioned forward on the sole (closer to the clubface) for a low-and-forward center of gravity position.

The SLDR fairways come in lofts of 14, 15, 17, 19 and 21 degrees; and the TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid comes in lofts of 17, 19, 21 and 24 degrees.

2013 TaylorMade’s line R1 Driver VS SLDR driver

Are you searching for the most forgiving driver? If so just look elsewhere. This TaylorMade R1 Driver is for players who have a consistent swing or are moving in that direction. I’ve had to work diligently on my swing to gain consistency with this driver.

The R1 driver gives good ball speed. My game is such that when I swing hard, I get poor results. If I go at 80%, I typically obtain very good results – with my swing speed, at best in the low 90’s, I can pull out an occasional 250-260 yrd drive. The stock R1 is not the most satisfying driver in terms of feel or sound. It leaves you feeling empty in that regard.

It feels and sounds slightly better than the Titleist 913 D2 Driver, which felt “hard” and “direct” to me. My driver, as customized, is more pleasing as described above. I want consistency and a fairway finder with distance. That is more important than the “longest” driver although the R1 is long as I mentioned above. But you need to have a consistent swing that hits the ball high and center. Heel shots kill distance.


The newest TaylorMade SLDR, integrates a lower COG along with a brand new moveable weight technology to provide golfers even more adjustability. It works very well. So far, adjustable weighting systems on drivers have consisted of stationary weights. You can screw them in, screw them out, change from one gram-weight to another to affect ball flight.

The TaylorMade SLDR driver, however, using a sliding weight system – a weight literally slides across the bottom of the driver. Want to counteract a hook or draw? Slide the weight toward the fade side. Want to fight a slice? Slide it toward the draw side. The SLDR mechanism moves the driver’s center of gravity low but more forward, something TaylorMade says promotes a hotter launch, lower spin and fast speeds off the face.

The R1 is a low spinning driver, depending on shaft, so it’s okay to move up in loft and open the face angle. I am getting more enjoyment out of it as I improve and play. The SLDR weight can affect shot shape by up to 30 yards. I swear they would make you feel very well.

Bernhard Langer gets 5th win of year

ENDICOTT, N.Y. — Bernhard Langer rallied to win the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open on Sunday for his fifth Champions Tour victory of the year, while Kevin Sutherland followed his tour-record 59 with a 74 to drop into a tie for seventh.

Taking the new discount TaylorMade SLDR Irons, the 56-year-old Langer played all 54 holes without a bogey, closing with a 6-under 66 for a one-stroke victory over Woody Austin and Mark O’Meara. Langer finished at 16-under 200 at En-Joie for his 23rd career victory on the 50-and-over tour.

“It doesn’t happen very often you go through a tournament without a bogey,” Langer said.

Sutherland, the second-round leader, had five bogeys — four on the first 10 holes with TaylorMade SLDR Driver — and three birdies in the final round. Playing his third Champions Tour event since turning 50 in June, he finished at 12 under.

Sutherland said he was pressing too much early.

“So, I made some dumb bogeys,” Sutherland said. “Just got myself behind early. I was surprised I didn’t play better today. A lot of energy was expended (Saturday) and I think I had a hard time just getting into the round.”

Langer said he really wasn’t watching the leaderboard.

“I knew I was close,” Langer said. “I just tried to keep my head down and make quality shots. When I looked at 16, I saw I was one up on someone who had already finished the round with TaylorMade SLDR White and figured I would be OK if I just parred out.”

That he did, and won for the first time with his daughter, Christina, serving as his caddie.

“I was more nervous for her than for me,” Langer said. “We hadn’t won a tournament with her caddying, though I’ve won a couple with my son. It’s always special when your kids are caddying.”

Differences of TaylorMade SLDR White Driver and SLDR Driver

Once you become interested in the game of golf, the likelihood is that you wouldn’t normally only want find out more about it but you would also like to learn how to get involved in it. This is true for anyone will be actually interested any kind of sport, and that is certainly true for the sport of golf. For any golfer to nurture his game, he needs to start with fundamentals of the game as his makeup foundation.

As TaylorMade’s advertising describes, you just had to modify the head of one of your clubs and only move the weights around, you possess a custom drive, instead of messing along with your stance plus your swing over compensating your aim. A person able to regulate the lie and the loft in the Taylormade sldr driver head – all these variables as a whole give you 24 different set up options your driver.

TaylorMade SLDR Driver has already made its way into the bags of some of the best players in the world, with demand for its breakthrough performance building each and every week. Amateurs alike have raved about the TaylorMade SLDR’s distance and consistency at a handful of select fitting experiences. This driver is sure to be a game-changer, offering maximum distance thanks to optimized weight and shot shaping adjustability.

The TaylorMade SLDR White Driver is identical to the original dark-headed edition in every way but color – meaning it also includes a 20-gram weight that slides along a track on the front of the sole to let golfers to dial in their preferred trajectory by placing the weight at any one of 21 points along the track. The SLDR allows for six millimeters of movement – that’s 50 percent more than on the R1 driver – promoting a shot-dispersion range of up to 30 yards.

It also includes the low and forward Center of Gravity that promotes low spin and faster ball speeds, as well as TaylorMade’s Loft-sleeve Technology, which permits the loft to be easily adjusted. Golfers can choose from 12 positions within a range of plus-or-minus 1.5 degrees of loft change.

Overall, you can buy golf clubs online that carry out the same job as what some branded gold equipment can enjoy. Buying less value product does not low quality; it just means low prices product that performs equally efficiently. It is just a matter of thinking sensible.

Rory McIlroy back at No. 1 after win

AKRON, Ohio — Winning the Open Championship wasn’t enough to make Rory McIlroy want to take the rest of the year off to celebrate. Neither was the first World Golf Championship he won Sunday at Firestone.

Another major awaits next week. McIlroy can’t wait to get there.

Two weeks after his wire-to-wire win at Royal Liverpool, McIlroy took his game from the links of Britain to the parkland of America and made the game look just as easy. With another powerful performance, he wiped out a three-shot deficit to Sergio Garcia in three holes, closed with a 4-under 66 and returned to No. 1 in the world with a two-shot victory in the Bridgestone Invitational.

He looked just as good as the last time he reached No. 1 in the world during his torrid stretch at the end of 2012.

“This is better,” he said. “Mentally, I’m really sharp. I didn’t start to think about score. I didn’t think about where I was in the tournament. I just playing shot after shot after shot with TaylorMade SLDR Driver. So yeah, it’s good.”

2Garcia wasn’t at his best and closed with a 71. He’s not sure it would have mattered.

“Everybody saw it,” Garcia said. “He played very, very well with SLDR White Driver. He drove the ball miles and very, very straight for the most part. He gave himself a lot of birdie looks.”

McIlroy finished the third round with two straight birdies, and not even one day and a rain delay slowed him. He punched an 8-iron out of the rough, under the trees and up the slope to an elevated green to 3 feet to open with a birdie. He drilled a discount TaylorMade SLDR Irons from 219 yards into 25 feet for a two-putt birdie at the second, and then followed with a gap wedge to 8 feet for a third straight birdie. Garcia made bogey from the rough, and just like that, he was trailing. The Spaniard never caught up.

Control Trajectory by Varying Golf Ball Position

One of the many things that set tour pros apart from amateurs – even very good ones – is the ability to control the ball’s trajectory.

This is an important factor in windy conditions, but also when playing to different pin placements with TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons 2014, carrying distant hazards or hitting a shot that runs after landing.

There’s no real magic to altering the height of your shots. It’s largely done by changing the ball’s position in your stance, which determines the club’s effective loft at impact. As a simple rule, the farther up in your stance you play the ball  with TaylorMade SLDR Driver for sale – toward the left foot, for a right-hander – the higher it will fly. Play it farther back, or to the right, to produce a lower flight.

It’s important to keep the hands ahead of the ball and the shaft leaning toward the target on iron shots. The farther back you play the ball, the more the shaft will lean.

Bernhard Langer wins by 13 shots

BRIDGEND, Wales — Bernhard Langer ran away with the Senior British Open on Sunday for his fourth senior major title, finishing a Champions Tour-record 13 strokes ahead of Scotland’s Colin Montgomerie.

The 56-year-old German closed with a 4-under 67 at sunny and breezy Royal Porthcawl to finish at 18-under 266 with discount TaylorMade SLDR Driver. He opened with rounds of 65, 66 and 68.

"The golf course is unbelievably tough," Langer said. "To have this weather for four days is unreal, it’s like playing in Florida with a bit of wind. The secret was I didn’t make too many mistakes and my driver was very good and my long putting was excellent, although not quite today as I was lacking a little. Perhaps my lead was too big."

Montgomerie, the winner of the previous two senior majors, finished with a 69.

"This was a brute of a golf course with no wind, never mind with the wind," Montgomerie said. "But what I would like to say is that Bernhard Langer’s performance here is one of the golfing performances of all time. And I’d like to say, Rory McIlroy and his group of friends, bring it on here. … Remarkable, remarkable play and all credit to him."

Langer broke the Champions Tour record for margin of victory of 12 set by Hale Irwin in the 1997 Senior PGA, and almost doubled Bob Charles’ tournament record of seven strokes set at Turnberry in 1989. Langer also matched the tournament record for relation to par set by Tom Watson at Turnberry in 2003.

"Just very blessed to be able to play such good golf with TaylorMade SLDR Irons for sale and really enjoy the 18 holes today because there wasn’t too much pressure," said Langer, who also won the 2010 tournament at Carnoustie and lost in a playoff last year at Royal Birkdale. "Still, had to, obviously, hit some decent shots and make some putts."

The victory was Langer’s fourth of the season and 22nd overall on the 50-and-over tour. He earned a spot in the British Open next year at St. Andrews.

How many yards did you gain from a 9.5-degree SLDR driver?

The the Taylormade SLDR is engineered with a remarkable low and forward centre of gravity placement making it the lowest spinning driver in company. The button-back is a great move from TaylorMade in my book. It will make it clear to the television viewer that the Tour player, TaylorMade sponsored or not, is using the SLDR.

Turning clubhead over into palm of glove and there’s a simple sliding 20g weight on display, positioned towards the front of the driver. I was informed this allows you to move the club’s centre of gravity low and forward to promote that desired high launch, faster ball speed and lower spin, which yes you guessed it, creates what TaylorMade claims to be its longest-driver-to-date.


Lofting me up to 9.5-degree and with the touch of a wrench, playing around with several of the hundreds of different shafts available in the TaylorMade Performance Lab, on top of having already seen my rapid hockey-style golf swing, Tom worked his magic and fitted my new Taylormade SLDR driver to a Mitsubishi Diamana Kai’li 60 S shaft.

After an hour custom-fitting session for the SLDR at TaylorMade’s superb Wentworth Fitting Centre alongside TaylorMade Performance Lab Manager Tom Godwin, I quickly understood why TaylorMade was so keen to get the SLDR out on the shelves so soon after the Taylormade R1 driver. I also feel like the switch to a slightly heavier stiff shaft, certainly 5g stronger than what I’m normally used to, now allows me to go after the ball much more, and the stable tip-section produces lower launch and spin characteristics for desirable swing data.

The golfer is able to increase or reduce loft of the SLDR up to 1.5-degree increments with a 12-position loft-sleeve for optimal trajectory. Tom decided to loft me up half a degree on my current spec to 10.5-degree after seeing me strike what I thought were three solid drives out to 230 yards carry and 255 yards distance using the SLDR’s standard Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft.

Easy Ways to Hit a High Golf Shot

There are plenty of occasions when you need extra height on a golf shot. Hitting over a tree, for example, or trying to stop an approach shot on a small portion of green. If you naturally hit the ball low relative to other golfers, launching one sky-high can prove pretty difficult. Here are three easy ways to get the ball up in the air when you absolutely must:

1. Play it forward, open the clubface: To maximize height, you must get the most from the club’s loft. The farther back in your stance you position the ball, the more you de-loft the discount TaylorMade SLDR Irons. Therefore, playing the ball closer to your left foot adds loft, as does opening the clubface by aiming it slightly right of target. Remember to align your feet a little left and count on the ball fading just a touch.

2. Take less club and swing harder:
A 9-iron has more loft than an 8-iron, and so forth. The harder you swing, the more backspin you create, and backspin sends the ball higher into the air. Knowing these things, it makes sense that taking less club than you normally would for a shot, then swinging with a little extra “oomph,” will deliver the needed result. Just make sure you’ve got TaylorMade SLDR Driver to carry any hazard in your way.

3. Stand closer and finish high: Golfers with upright swings typically hit the ball higher than do those with flat swings. You don’t need to completely alter your technique to swing on a more vertical plane – just stand an inch or so closer to the ball, and the rest will take care of itself. Also, picture yourself with hands high over head at the finish, then swing to this position. That will ensure an upright arc coming into and through the shot.

Which one do you prefer, TaylorMade SLDR or SLDR White Driver?

Now with the discount Taylormade SLDR driver, the moveable weights in the heel and toe and the dial on the sole have been replaced with a single sliding weight in the 460cc titanium head.

The TaylorMade SLDR driver succeeds the TaylorMade R1 driver and there are a lot of significant changes from the previous model. This reduces the weight of the SLDR driver and makes it lighter so that in theory you get more clubhead speed from the same amount of effort. They have also moved the centre of gravity (CG) closer to the face which also increases ball speed, although this can also increase dispersion and reduce accuracy.

Although it is showing a gain of only 3 yards in total distance, the average distance shown with the SLDR hides a couple of 280 yard shots so the theory does work in practice. Using a 9.5° driver adjusted up a degree to 10.5° slightly closes the face to make it more forgiving than the 9.5° or even the standard 10.5° model for me. Weird, but it works as the dispersion view of the trackman backed this up with a much tighter pattern for these shots too.

YouTube Preview Image

From a technical standpoint, the Taylormade SLDR White driver is identical to the original SLDR. It has a 460cc head; an adjustable 12-position hosel mechanism that can increase or decrease the club’s stated loft by up to 1.5 degrees; and a 20-gram weight that can be affixed into 21 positions to create a draw or a fade bias.

According to TaylorMade, the SLDR’s low and forward center of gravity (CG) position lowers spin and creates more ball speed. To maximize distance, TaylorMade recommends golfers play with more loft to achieve the coveted high-launch, low-spin launch condition that can maximize distance.

One of the benefits over the white driver was the alignment aid it created between the white crown and white face. On the SLDR driver, TaylorMade have reversed this and you have a charcoal grey crown and a silver face giving you the same effect, even if it is not quite as pronounced.

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