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TaylorMade JetSpeed driver Offers noticeable speed increases

TaylorMade JetSpeed driver is the first club to feature the brand’s Speed Pocket behind the face. This helps keep spin to a minimum, while also offering better performance on shots that make contact low on the face.

The subtle, stripped-back look is very different compared to TaylorMade drivers of recent years. This will be a positive for some, and a negative for others. The sole design is particularly clean and understated. The matte black crown is a world away from recent white offerings, and many TaylorMade loyalists will miss the help with alignment that the white drivers offered.

The vast majority of those who purchase a new TaylorMade driver will need to evaluate the amount of loft they play. Many will find themselves using considerably more loft, but the good news is that when you find the right set-up the flight is strong, with no ballooning. Revised pear shaped head has improved the looks and builds confidence when you are stood over the ball. Off centre strikes still go well.

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The design did give me noticeable speed increases, particularly on shots struck low on the face. I liked the shape of the head, and the added loft gave me more confidence. As with the recently introduced Taylormade SLDR driver, weight has been moved low and forward to promote less spin and generate faster ball speeds.

Those who struggle with too much spin will find plenty of added distance on offer here. In addition, there’s very little difference between shots off the middle and bottom of the face. The JetSpeed didn’t suffer too much in the dispersion stakes, thanks to the head design. However, those after more control should try the TP Matrix Velox 60 shaft.

The Impact sound has changed compared to the Taylormade RocketBallz RBZ Stage 2 driver, the impressive impact sound remains. This strikes a balance between powerful and pleasing to the ear.

TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Stage 2 Driver did a great job


I heard a lot about RBZ Stage 2 Driver. As a beginning golfer, I am looking forward to taking my game to the next level, I decided this driver would be a good way to start. With golf clubs for sale,I hit the ball straighter and further then I ever have before.Its the best driver ive ever had bar none.  After hitting with it for about 108 holes, I can say that it has added some distance to my shot.

Like the r1 black driver for sale, TaylorMade’s RocketBallz Stage 2 drivers have bold-looking graphics on their white crowns. TaylorMade continues to refine its manufacturing processes to allow a more optimal weight management.In it, TaylorMade was able to move the center of gravity in the head lower and forward than last year’s models, which the company says promotes faster ball speeds and reduced spin.

This Driver has an expanded clubface that gives the golfer substantially more face area. This driver is faster and longer than the original RocketBallz driver. The improved aerodynamics reduces drag and promotes faster clubhead speed. The thick-thin crown provides a lower, more forward CG location for faster ball speed, high launch and low spin. The New loft sleeve technology offers 7 standard and 5 upright loft options to add,and the result is bigger face and better aerodynamics for more distance.

The shaft design is a very modern design done mostly in black with the first two thirds of the shaft done in a black matte finish to reduce glare, and the top third of the shaft done in a shiny black finish with the RocketFuel logo and information on stiffness and weight of the club. The colors on the shaft match the clubhead with the yellow and gray mixed in.

TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Stage 2 Driver gives you a big, confidence-building clubface in a head engineered to promote fast swing speed. That’s a killer combo for players who like to get after it with a big swing to launch the ball long. TaylorMade engineers accomplished yet another remarkable feat in metalwood mastery by increasing the size of the clubface (4100 square millimeters) while also improving the aerodynamic properties of the clubhead.

For the headcover TaylorMade has gone with a mix of the yellow and black. The main top part is done in yellow and the sides and sock portion of the headcover is done in black. There is a strap along the top portion to make the headcover easier to pull off done in black with the Rocketballz logo. The headcover does look a bit like a bumblebee, but the colors are not offensive.

Overall, I think TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Stage 2 Driver For Sale is much better than original Rocketballz driver,ball gets up quickly.My recommendation is that if you are considering some of the lighter drivers that are on the market now that you give this driver a spin, you will like it.