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TaylorMade SLDR White Driver has a more classical crown design

TaylorMade has a new driver. It’s called TaylorMade SLDR White. For years it’s been accepted that low and back was the ideal CG location for a driver. Moving the CG forward in a driver is a monumental shift in metalwood thinking.

Unlike TaylorMade’s last white driver, the taylormade r1 driver, the new white SLDR doesn’t feature alignment graphics, but a more classical crown design that should appeal to a wider range of golfers. Long distance comes from combining of fast ball speed, high launch-angle and low spin-rate. We’ve discovered that moving the CG forward promotes more ball speed and less spin. To launch the ball on a high enough angle to maximize distance, we’ve discovered that most golfers benefit from increasing their loft, some by as much two or three degrees.

TaylorMade traditionally has not offered drivers with lofts greater than 12 degrees. With the adjustable loft sleeve, the new 14-degree SLDR would reach a maximum loft of 15.5 degrees and minimum loft of 12.5 degrees. The 14-degree loft will be added to a SLDR line that already includes 8-, 9.5-, 10.5- and 12-degree models.  TaylorMade staff player Dustin Johnson, who has a swing speed of 113 miles per hour, won last month’s WGC-HSBC Champions using a TaylorMade SLDR Driver to 10.5 degrees.

In a company press release, Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade’s chief technical officer, said the forward CG idea changes some preconceived ideas about better players using lower-lofted drivers. The hosel also appears adjustable, and under the heading lofts, the entry on the USGA list reads "N/A." It’s not a stretch to say the club may be played this week at the John Deere Classic and the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open.

TaylorMade SLDR fairway wood and SLDR driver are special

The SLDR line is no different with its metallic charcoal crown, brushed sole, and blue accents. With the new releases upon us, those changes are continuing with adapting the basic principles of their popular SLDR driver (lower CG) and taking it into the realm of fairway woods.

As far as the Taylormade SLDR fairway wood goes on well struck balls, TaylorMade’s belief in its length certainly seems warranted. The SLDR fairway has a very nice sound/feel to it upon impact. It’s a slightly lower tone and impressively solid sounding. The nice thing about the sound is that it also gives distinct feedback as to when and where a miss takes place. The actual results of misses seem no more severe than one would expect out of any fairway wood.

It is very possible that this comes back to the Speed-Pocket and its redesigned size and shape allowing for increased face flexion and thusly restoring some of the cross face (outside the sweet spot) forgiveness that would typically be lost when the CG is moved more forward and down inside the clubhead. Either way, although it will not be mistaken for an ultra-forgiving fairway wood, it is much more playable than many people may initially think.

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Visually, SLDR fairway wood incorporates the same rich, charcoal-gray crown and traditional shaping as the SLDR driver. The dark crown-color contrasts beautifully with the silver-colored clubface to make it easy to align the face accurately at address. Obviously the aforementioned finish qualities are what the eye is going to catch first with any club, but equally important is how the actual design aesthetics round out the package when standing over the golf ball.

The discount Taylormade SLDR driver head has a classic shape and features a charcoal-gray crown that is designed to contrast with a silver face to aid alignment. It also incorporates TaylorMade’s Loft-sleeve technology, which makes it possible for players to adjust loft as well, choosing from 12 positions within a range of plus- or minus-1.5 degrees.

The weight shifts the sldr driver head’s CG horizontally toward either the heel, to promote a draw, or the toe, to encourage a fade. The weight slides on a 21-point track system and never comes loose from the club head. All a golfer needs to do to position the weight is simply to loosen a screw, slide the weight to the point selected and then tighten the screw.

With TaylorMade, they clearly believe that the Speed-Pocket tech in fairways, hybrids, and even irons is a game changer and something that makes their clubs stand out from many other contenders. Frankly, the results seem to back that quite often, and with the Taylormade SLDR Fairway wood the Speed-Pocket combined with the lower CG has made for a very interesting club.

SLDR White driver features a low-forward centre of gravity

Garcia, who incidentally had his new girlfriend on the bag in Thailand, now moves up to World No.10 following the win. He claims, the new Taylormade SLDR White driver is his favorite set.

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Golfers can once again take advantage of the easy and intuitive SLDR sliding weight that promotes up to 30 yards of shot shape adjustment. Players can also increase or reduce loft up to 1.5-degrees with a 12-position loft sleeve for optimal trajectory. It maintains the modern classic Taylormade SLDR driver shape but now features a white crown, as well as a black button-back that works against the white crown for easy clubface alignment.

“The white crown with black button-back delivers a remarkable appearance at address,” said TaylorMade’s senior director of metalwood product creation. Many golfers fell in love with white when it came out in 2011, and now we are delivering a limited edition white SLDR with low and forward CG for more distance when you loft up.”

The SLDR White drivers, in 9.5-, 10.5-, 12- and 14-degree, come standard with a Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft and TM 360 grip.

TaylorMade reveals its limited edition SLDR White driver

TaylorMade has today launched its new SLDR White driver. It features a low-forward centre of gravity that promotes high launch, fast ball speed and low spin for big, booming drives.

SLDR White maintains the modern classic Taylormade SLDR driver shape but now features a white crown, as well as a black button-back that works against the white crown for easy clubface alignment.

Golfers can once again take advantage of the easy and intuitive SLDR sliding weight that promotes up to 30 yards of shot shape adjustment. Players can also increase or reduce loft up to 1.5-degrees with a 12-position loft sleeve for optimal trajectory.

“The white crown with black button-back delivers a remarkable appearance at address,” said TaylorMade’s senior director of metalwood product creation. “Many golfers fell in love with white when it came out in 2011, and now we are delivering a limited edition white SLDR with low and forward CG for more distance when you loft up.

The drivers, in 9.5-, 10.5-, 12- and 14-degree, come standard with a Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft and TM 360 grip.

McIlroy makes cut after wild round

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Rory McIlroy was at a bit of a loss trying to explain how a 4-foot par putt on the final green had to go in for him to play the weekend at Augusta National.

Despite hitting the ball nicely with discount taylormade sldr driver and giving himself several good birdie opportunities, McIlroy faced the possibility of missing the Masters cut early Friday evening, only earning himself a spot for the final 36 holes when getting off the 18th green with a par.

It was that kind of day for McIlroy, whose 77 included two wildly errant shots that seemed more bad luck than bad golf.

“It was very frustrating,” said McIlroy, who will be first off at 10:15 a.m. ET on Saturday, the last man to make the cut, and trails leader Bubba Watson by 11 shots.

“I just really couldn’t get anything to go my way. I had a couple of really bad breaks on 4 and 13. Got a really massive wind switch on 4. And then hitting the sprinkler on 13 to go up into the azaleas.

“I felt like I played discount taylormade r1 driver well coming in. I gave myself looks at birdie almost every hole. I couldn’t get one to drop. Felt like I had good putts and they were either hitting the high side of the hole or low side of the hole. Just nothing going in.”

McIlroy got off to a shaky start, making a bogey at the par-5 second, rebounding with a birdie at the third, but then seeing things get strange for him at the par-3 fourth.

The hole measures approximately 230 yards, and McIlroy decided to hit a 5-wood that, due to a changing wind, sailed 30 yards over the green. The shot was so errant it nearly struck Adam Scott as he walked on the fifth tee.

McIlroy searched for his discount TaylorMade 09 Burner Driver in the woods and tried to find a way to play it, to no avail. That meant going back to the tee, from where he hit his approach in the greenside bunker, and then got it up and down for a double-bogey 5.

Sergio Garcia Tests SLDR driver on the driving range

What I like most is finding what I’m looking for in a driver. I first saw the TaylorMade SLDR driver in the hands of Sergio Garcia and thought the Spanish player was going to be the first to give it its first victory.

This driver is aesthetically very attractive thanks to its shape, colour and visual details. The shape looks modern but classic, the charcoal-grey crown and chrome button-back makes it handsome and reliable at address. The robot tester claims that it is the longest in TaylorMade’s history, based on tests with drivers with 9.5°, in neutral settings, and a ball speed of some 240 km/h. And it does it by placing the centre of gravity lower and further forward, largely thanks to the sliding blue weight of 20g in the sole, which is what promotes a dramatic leap in distance.

YouTube Preview Image

I also like the track, which makes it quicker to add a little more draw or fade, depending on your tendency. The sliding weight of the SLDR represents a complete reinvention of the movable weights of previous technology (MWT), replacing the two interchangeable screws fitted to the two ports on heel and toe, and is now more effective and easier to use. In the test its clear that when you put the weight full on the draw it’s much easier to send a closed ball, and if you put it at the top of the Fade you get the opposite.

Taylormade players think the SLDR suits a wider range of golfers, and it will seduce many more average players who haven’t really got used to the best price TaylorMade R1 Driver. And certainly, with this new sliding weight system, players will be more likely to tune the driver more often, instead of configuring the different settings and leaving them fixed almost forever, which is what tends to happen in general.

Players go through phases in which they fail shots more that usual, or their tendency is more accentuated. With this club you can correct simply it by modifying the weight. And you can also adjust the loft. You can loosen, slide and tighten the screw in less than 10 seconds. Sliding the blue piece horizontally towards the heel you favour the draw, while towards the toe you favour the fade.

With the SLDR driver all the balls have come off really well. Easy to move, light, balanced… An innovative driver that improves and accelerates the movable weight adjustment system, and allows you to draw and fade more easily, while helping to correct the hook and slice, and offering a guaranteed long distance.

JetSpeed driver feels balanced considering the light weight

TaylorMade today announced the release of JetSpeed, touted by the company as, “a breakthrough line of metalwoods that includes the company’s first driver to feature Speed Pocket technology.”

TaylorMade engineers discovered that incorporating a Speed Pocket into the Taylormade JetSpeed driver promotes less spin, as well as greater ball speeds on shots struck below the center of the clubface. TaylorMade reports that research suggests 72 percent of all golf shots are hit below the center of face, so the JetSpeed driver is designed to minimize the ill effects of shots struck below center.

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“With most drivers, low impact generates too much spin, making the ball fly too high and land short,” said Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s Senior Director of Metalwood Creation. “JetSpeed’s Speed Pocket is engineered to dramatically reduce that added spin to promote more distance on that very common type of mis-hit.”

The JetSpeed driver isn’t called JetSpeed for nothing. All elements of this club converge to promote extreme velocity. Swing speed. Clubhead speed. Ball speed. When a jet puts the pedal all the way to the metal it’s known as Full Military Power. That’s what JetSpeed delivers. Though TaylorMade moved away from idea of ‘longer and lighter is longer’ with their past few driver releases, the JetSpeed brings that idea back. A streamlined head shape combines with a 46” Matrix Velox T shaft that weighs in at 50g.

The JetSpeed head features a matte black crown with a unique decal that promotes accurate face alignment at address. The matte finish also reduces glare and provides a stark contrast to the silver clubface, further making face alignment easier. TaylorMade led that charge with the introduction of the Taylormade SLDR driver in the summer of 2013. Explaining the change in direction, TaylorMade says that low-forward cg location “has been proven in previous TaylorMade drivers to generate faster ball speed and lower spin compared to the low-back CG that has for years been accepted as the best location for promoting distance.

It should be noted that because the Speed Pocket is filled with a polymer, there are no issues with material collecting inside it like we’ve seen with some other slotted clubs in past years.

TaylorMade showcase its newly announced SLDR driver

TaylorMade Golf Company returns to the PGA Expo in Las Vegas, Aug. 19-21, for the first time in 15 years to showcase its newly announced Taylormade SLDR driver and host the PGA Expo Demo Night at its new TaylorMade Golf Experience location.

Additionally, TaylorMade is joined by adidas Golf and Ashworth, which have exhibited for the last three years at the PGA Expo.  TaylorMade Golf, adidas Golf and Ashworth will occupy adjacent booths on the PGA Expo show floor within the Grand Ballroom of the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino Las Vegas, and all three will showcase upcoming equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories.

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The PGA Expo also offers attendees an early look at the new TaylorMade Golf Experience, a retail location that replaces the former Callaway Golf Center on Las Vegas Blvd. TaylorMade Golf Experience will host the PGA Expo Demo Night on August 19, which includes a full range experience and putting green. It will also hold the Divine Nine social golf outing, for which proceeds go to charity. The full TaylorMade Golf Experience will open in the fall.

“We are excited to have TaylorMade return to the PGA Expo,” said PGA of America President Ted Bishop. “Their participation further emphasizes the opportunity for golf companies to demonstrate their newest technology and products to PGA Professionals and offers a showcase for their 2014 lines to reach a broad audience of apparel buyers.”

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Taylormade R11S driver’s FCT adjustment versus SLDR Driver

It’s a tough time haven’t some words here, today I will introduct innovative thing to all, that is the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons, why I call because the young? Maybe they are sold on the market before, however i want to say, utilizes is your very first tine I have get recognize them, so..

The dedicated graphics card only runs with its default clock of 135 MHz in battery manner. This results in a performance loss of approximately 60%. For example, hardly below 27 fps rather than 84 fps was achieved in Cinebench R11.5 Open GL Covering. In return, the graphics performance remained consistently stable in AC mode and for you to suffer from temperature throttling like the CPU.

Essentially the most prominent tenability feature is TaylorMade’s Flight Control Machinery. This feature allows you alter you launch angle step 1.5 degrees in either direction, providing a 3 degree total range of flexibility. Such as cheap Taylormade R11S driver, this driver’s FCT adjustment happens high driver head and shaft connect enabling easy adjustment and filtering. Being an average player, I exploit a slightly higher than usual loft.

I personally have also had my run ins with dogs that just weren’t exactly ready to be let loose with other dogs, since i have had my share of owners who feel that their dogs are not doing anything wrong. You can even find those nosy people who require to stay in other people’s business, feeling that carried out the ambassadors of spot.

As fo the time being I am really curious as coming from what will take place in the future for TaylorMade SLDR Driver. Unless the rules for equipment change which don’t think they should then I doubt we will be seeing anything completely new for some time now. I hope you’ve enjoyed my article. For anyone interested in learning golf as well as improving your game please visit my golf tips internet sites.

First Look on TaylorMade SLDR Driver

TaylorMade already released the latest driver – TaylorMade SLDR Driver for 2013 Christmas. This driver is very different with the previous model, more forgiving, more technical and more secrets. Now let’s have a look on the newest SLDR Driver

YouTube Preview Image