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TaylorMade staff player Dustin Johnson shows off new SpeedBlade irons

TaylorMade took a deep breath during the PGA Tour’s off week. Dustin Johnson took to Twitter to show off the back of a Taylormade SpeedBlade irons, which boasts a brushed silver finish with blue accents.

TaylorMade says, increases ball speed and elevates the launch angle to boost distance, and provides more control because shots land on a steep angle. In addition, TaylorMade lowered the SpeedBlade’s center of gravity to further increase the launch angle and to put more power behind shots hit low on the clubface – which the company says happens almost three-quarters of the time.

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The SpeedBlades continue the TaylorMade trend of cutting Speed Pockets into their clubheads, as found in such clubs as the Taylormade RocketBladez irons and RocketBallz woods. The Speed Pocket is a deep slot that runs from heel to toe on the sole just behind the clubface that allows the face to flex and rebound faster.

This iron set also has a really low Centre of Gravity which gives a higher launch and a very strong flight and it is also noted that the speed pocket has a polymer badge which is designed to take away unwanted vibration and has the benefit of giving a great feel and a superb sound. The main feature of this club is the speed pocket and this feature was first seen in the TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ irons and we are told that the speed pocket is now extended and the benefit of this is that you will gain faster ball speeds especially when the ball is struck off centre.

The new Speedblade irons have a great look and if you are in the market for a new set of clubs these should be up towards the top of the list. They have a great look and from all accounts they have a great feel to them. We have done quite a few club fittings for TaylorMade irons and to give you extra control you may want to consider have the length of these clubs reduced by about half an inch this will just give you a bit more control and help you find the centre of the club more often.

Overall, this speedblade irons is a great club and something you should be proud to have it in your bag and the wedges are quite nice as well.

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You may be surprised at taylormade rocketbladez irons

Titliest released the AP1 and AP2 about four years in. The 2012 model of AP1 and AP2 called AP1 712 Irons and AP2 712 Irons.

As we all know, titleist ap2 714 irons are forged irons, with forged your get into softer materials, less MOI, to be certain means off center hits results in being shorter. But you get into non forged your looking at higher MOI’s, and that means shots on the toe will go the same distance, but its harder to work the ball from left to right.

See about getting a gaggle of women together that are similarly concerned with learning the sport of golf. You may be surprised that, occasion your camaraderie will develop through the frustrations and elations that the game contains r11s.

When inquired about how he did so well, he replied “visualization is all things.” I agree. His strong mental game coerced his muscles into doing what he wanted them you need to do. He hit a great rbz amount of greens which resulted in minimizing bogeys.

Another common mistake will be the tee by yourself. It’s crucial that you don’t tee your ball up exorbitant or lacking. If you tee the ball too low there is a superb chance these items hit the surface or the ball on too vertical an opinion. Really bad shots can result of your tee being too high as your taylormade rocketbladez irons head will tend left underneath the ball. The ideal height is actually by have the ball sitting at gonna do it . level whilst the sweet spot of the club you’re using.

They claim the contrast between the white head and black face allows for easy alignment at address. They use a matte white finish to eliminate hotspots and glare. The white club head claims to visually look larger than other competing color options, giving you more confidence at residence address.

To sum up, this taylormade rocketballz rbz irons is simple and easy to draw and fade – well suited for when requiring a shaped second to a par-5. When it comes to crown design, it might take some getting used to, many affiliates you do, you’ll be aligning with assurance.

How Does Taylormade Rocketballz Rbz Irons Promotes Accuracy And Reliability?

I can’t say it’s dramatically better than the original Taylormade R11 Driver, can be challenging does take on the project. The Thick-Thin Crown” of the large titanium head lowers the club’s center of gravity and improves launch conditions, even though everyone Inverted Cone Technology promotes more ball speed and extra distance on off-center shots by expanding the club’s Coefficient of Restitution zoom. The matte-white crown reduces glare, along with the black face frames the ball nicely and will make the club in order to align

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The TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ irons was one belonging to the longer-hitting drivers I ideas.  The ball definitely jumps up from the face of this specific club, connect with one another delivers a penetrating flying.  Like the Mizuno MP-650 and also of one other new drivers for better players, the facial skin is build slightly read.  I found so that it is a forgiving club, too – particularly on hits toward the toe which seem to take longer and straighter compared to what they have any right with.

As I finished this article, I do believe that shortly get more about the irons, also I will have other cheap golf clubs for all golfers.

Beginners can try TaylorMade RBZ Irons



We can not forget the RBZ Irons, even if more and more new clubs appeared. The RBZ irons progressive head shape offers hollow long irons, cavity back middle irons, while the short irons and wedges are a smaller and more compact clubhead design. The TaylorMade RocketBallz irons are the most innovative irons the company has come out with in a long time. The longer irons 3-5 are in my opinion in between a hybrid and a traditional long iron.

The stiffer upper toe area of the face controls flexion so shots fly toward their target, as opposed to right of the target. The clubs have an open cavity in the 6 through Attack Wedge while the 3, 4 and 5 iron have a solid insert. The solid backs give the club a feel closer to a hybrid than a standard long iron. “Inverted Cone” face technology also contributes to faster ball speeds and distance on off-center hits. Distance and feel are the pros of the RBZ line, comparing the 7 iron to my current club and to the new R11 7 Iron thetaylormade jetspeed driver out did them with no issue at all. Other than the price, there is very little that is bad about these irons.
Coupled with all the new technology TaylorMade invested in these clubs, it is easy to see how the TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Irons is one of the longest sets of irons on the market. Once you see that you can slow down your swing and get just as much distance, or more, than you did with your previous irons, you will find that your shot making ability will improve. Shots can be shaped gently in either direction, although a high, straight flight normally prevails. Each club is individually optimized and tuned – so different clubs have noticeably different looks. I was launching these irons high and straight rarely had any miss hit or hit that didn’t feel like I struck the sweet spot. The sweet spot is larger for the RocketBallz irons and a little smaller for the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons, but average golfers will not find it to be a problem.
They feel soft through impact and feel consistent over the entire clubface. The clubs feel solid around the green as well, whether hitting from a bunker, pitch or chip shot. The workability of the irons is also impressive. However, you will be paying for these innovative golf clubs. Another pro is the design, TaylorMade always puts out very cool looking clubs and they didn’t miss a beat with this set.  They are head turners and you will get lots of questions about them.
We could get very good scores for accuracy/forgiveness. I would recommend these irons to moderate to beginner golfers, they have great feel and distance and you can learn to work your shots with them.

TaylorMade’s RocketBallz not just about metalwoods

Most of the buzz about the RocketBallz brand has been all about the drivers and fairways that carry that name. But TaylorMade technicians say the irons in that line deserve plenty of attention, too.

Every TaylorMade RocketBallZ RBZ Irons For Sale head features a progressive length and shape and has been coordinated to ensure proper trajectory and distance gaps throughout the set. The large, thin clubface is strong and stiff at the perimeter and thin at the inner edge, so that the face may flex more freely.


I feel like I’ve given these clubs the ultimate workout in forgiveness – and they’ve performed beautifully. Mis-hits are manageable and the feel is similar to shots that are nailed on the sweet spot. The long irons give me slightly more distance than I would typically get. I’ve noticed that my 5 iron carries a few more yards and I can typically use the 4 iron in places where I would previously hit a hybrid. The distances all feel consistent with these golf clubs for sale – even as I work on my rebuilding my swing.

They maintain that those clubs were designed to deliver greater distance, and that distance comes from the way they utilized metalwood technology to create irons with faces that flex like those on their drivers. At the same time, the equipment maker worked hard to bolster accuracy.

For starters, it employed a new Toe-Bar feature and then combined that advance with a revamped Inverted Cone that is made to expand the portion of the face that delivers high ball speed and promote more distance on off-center hits. As a result, engineers say that they were able to stiffen the toe area of the clubface, so that when it flexed during a shot, it directed the golf ball straight ahead as opposed to off-line.

I really like this club and it’s a club that I didn’t realize I would use so often. The 50 degree loft is a nice addition and has become one of my favorite and most trusted clubs. Most of my rounds have been with Callaway X-22 Irons and the ball flight of the RBZs was significantly higher than what I’m used to. I haven’t lost any distance with the high ball flight and the clubs have all been true to my normal distances. The ball feels great coming off the face of the club – a very smooth and solid feel with a nice sound.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months of playing with these clubs. I have to say that they are every bit as wonderful as the first day they went in the bag.