R1 Black driver is identical to white version in every way

TaylorMade made a R1 Black driver for sale. The R1 Black is officially scheduled for release, and the natural assumption is that some of what you’ve read in the golf forums is true.

I have it on pretty good authority that the black option has been on the table since before R11s. That’s almost certainly 100% accurate. That other stuff…R1 being a failure, a giant disaster for TaylorMade…it’s a great story, particularly if you’re not a fan of TaylorMade, but it’s not one that’s even loosely supported by reality.

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The TaylorMade R1 driver and R1 Black give golfers the ability to change the club’s loft from 8 degrees to 12 degrees. Each R1 also can be adjusted to have a draw or fade bias by moving the 2- and 10-gram weights. In addition, players can select from seven, face-angle positions at address by adjusting a dial on the sole.

“We are going to pay very close attention to how this product is received,” Kroll says. “We are hearing loud and clear that there is a percentage of the golfers out there that are hungry for the very conservative design and look of a black driver. I wouldn’t rule [more black drivers] out, but this is going to be a very interesting product launch.”

TaylorMade began promoting the benefits of a matte white crown and black face with the release of the R11 driver, claiming that the contrast helped golfers improve their alignment and aim. It’s reasonable to assume that TaylorMade has kept the black driver in their back pocket since the R11 was released. If it doesn’t work we can always paint it black. And if Taylormade R11s driver for sale didn’t work, paint was an option then too. And if R1 – the riskiest of all TaylorMade flagship designs – didn’t work, yup…we’ve still got that bucket of paint in the corner.

Kroll says that he’s aware of several retailers who started pre-order lists for a black R1 based solely on the rumors about the club.

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