Knowing Where to Focus When Playing Golf

As a matter of fact, golf is difficult due to lots of reasons. But recently, I found that another problem come during the game. More and more players do not know where to focus during golf swing. Or we can see many players always focus on wrong things instead of the target and swing. Some would like to focus on the ball, golf clubs or their hands, for example.

For some athletes, the ball can be the target. A batter focuses on the baseball as it heads toward the plate. A receiver’s eyes zero in on the football before he makes a catch. Tennis players have to intently watch the ball coming at them in order to hit it. Other athletes – a quarterback, a pitcher or a basketball player shooting a shot – all have to look toward their intended target in order to see where they are throwing. They can’t look at the ball; instead they project to their target and trust their skills.

Golfers getting ready to hit the next shot most likely cannot see the target, so they must rely on their swing to carry them through. They don’t have to see the ball to swing effectively. That is the reason the blind can play golf. By not focusing on the ball, they simply focus on making a nice free-flowing swing. This is the reason most people’s practice swings are better than their real swings, because they don’t have a ball in front of them.

In fact, the key to having a successful swing is staying in balance, which should be the first and foremost, Balance is a must in order to create centrifugal force, which results in accuracy as well as distance. Allowing the body to rotate around a steady head or around the spine propels the TaylorMade R1 Driver head in a true swing arc.

Regardless of the sport, all great athletes have to have good balance in order to execute particular moves. Under stress, especially in tight situations when an important shot or putt is needed to be made, we start to tighten up. Once this occurs, we start having too many moving parts in our swing and this throws us out of balance when playing with your TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons.

If you maintain proper balance, you most likely will be surprised at how far and how straight the ball travels and your taylormade sldr white driver can do. Then try it with feet together and your eyes closed to take your focus off the ball. This will give you a greater sense of how important it is to maintain your balance.

Therefore, next time when you are doing the golf swing, try to make a change to transfer your focus on your target from the ball. If you staring at the ball, how can you concerntrate your power on the best price golf clubs and then make it to your target? Just try your best to know where to locate your focuse.

Read subtle breaks better like those at Valhalla

When the greens are major championship speeds, the slightest change in slope will cause your putts to break. Many times, these subtle changes are undetected by even the most trained eyes. But what do you do when your eyes aren’t giving you the answer as to which way the putt breaks on a fast green?

Here are some tips to help you control speed and read those subtle breaking putts:

• Master speed control. First and foremost, you must develop an ability to control the speed of your putts if you expect to be able to read greens effectively. Control your speed on the greens by maintaining your rhythm and tempo and using the size of your stroke to adjust for varying distances. It is also important that you hit the ball with your TaylorMade R11 Irons on the sweet spot of the putter to develop a consistent feel.

• Find the straight putt. Every hole location has at least two straight putts: one uphill and one downhill. By finding these putts you can at least estimate which direction the ball will curve. For example, when you find a straight uphill putt, most locations to the right of the uphill putt will result in a right to left breaking putt. Most putts to the left of the straight uphill putt should curve left to right. Instead of trusting your eyes to find the straight putt, use your feet by walking around the hole, paying attention to whether it feels like you’re walking up or downhill.

• Pick a line and trust it. How many times have you gone through the process of reading a green only to feel uncomfortable to the point that you change your line at the last second before making your stroke? Having this feeling is quite normal, but it’s important that you step back and readjust your intended line before hitting the putt with TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons. Use a line on the ball to aim at your target for extra reassurance.

Rory McIlroy ball fetches $52K

A golf memorabilia collector paid $52,038 for the ball that Rory McIlroy used in the final round of his Open Championship victory last month.

McIlroy threw the ball into the stands off the 18th green at Hoylake and it was caught by Englishman Lee Horner. Horner consigned the TaylorMade SLDR Irons for sale to golf auctioneer Green Jacket Auctions, with the ball selling in the early morning hours on Sunday.

The auction company’s co-founder, Ryan Carey, said that the price paid for the ball is the second-highest ever paid for a golf ball, narrowly missing what a collector paid in April 2011 for a vintage Bobby Jones autographed ball ($55,865).

“There was a lot of interest in this discount burner 2.0 irons,” Carey said. “We had 22 different bidders from countries across the world, including Ireland, Australia and countries in Asia.”

Carey said the buyer wanted to stay anonymous, but did disclose that it was won by an American.

The ball, which has the word “RORS” printed on it, was confirmed to be McIlroy’s ball by his sponsor Nike.

Carey said not many tournament-winning balls have come to the collector’s marketplace because they are either kept by the golfer or even lost in a bag after a round. He said he hopes that the money generated from the McIlroy ball will encourage golfers to save their balls and for some to eventually be made available to the public.

As for McIlroy, it seems like he’s content with rewarding fans after his wins. After winning the Bridgestone Invitational with taylormade r11 irons earlier this month, McIlroy once again threw his ball into the crowd.

Said Carey: “Maybe this is Rory’s thing. If he wins the PGA on Sunday, some lucky fan might have another $50,000 ball.”

Taylormade SLDR Irons and r11 irons are very amazing

The SLDR name has been synonymous with TaylorMade’s Loft Up metalwoods message. They say the Taylormade SLDR Irons is for the “players who want the best of both worlds”. They believe the cavity-back, speed slot iron offers a traditional size and shape with the best of TaylorMade’s modern technology.

With a deep, undercut cavity behind the thin face and the ThruSlot cutting entirely through the clubhead, TaylorMade believe the SLDR irons create even more flex and speed at impact.  SLDR irons may look like game improvement clubs, but TaylorMade have given the irons a modern, yet traditional shape to appeal to mid and low handicappers as well. The thin sole and slim topline give the SLDR irons better-player playability and looks.

Like TaylorMade SLDR Driver for sale, TaylorMade have taken measures to ensure the SLDR irons produce a soft feel and sound. The SLDR iron’s classically shaped and sized clubhead has universal visual appeal. It incorporates our new SpeedPocket with ThruSlot Technology, which produces fast ball speed and high launch across the face for distance and consistency, while also promoting soft feel and sound.

TaylorMade R11 Irons is tuned to perfection. The ball went on a nice medium high trajectory and the feel right across the face was lovely. With the centre of gravity rising through the set, even the long-irons are a joy to hit and better players may choose to stick with these rather than go for a hybrid.

They are very forgiving on mis-hits, although this forgiveness makes shaping the ball a little harder if you are trying for small fades or draws. Bigger movements in shot shape are easier, so the shot shapers among you may prefer the taylormade speedblade irons. Around the fairways and greens they have the feel off confidence. The heads are larger than a typical players club. These are geared for scratch to 20 handicaps, so they will be larger than others.

These irons are a lot of fun to play. You feel like you can go after it and hammer the ball with great results. From the performance to the stylish looks the TaylorMade R11 is a ‘must try’ set of irons for low to mid handicap golfers.

Find the Right Way to Save Your Slice

Many players that slice the ball will try to aim left by opening their stance to keep the ball in the fairway. While this will occasionally keep your ball in play, this actually makes the problem worse because the open stance further promotes an outside-in swing path. Even if you square the club in this alignment, you will probably pull the ball straight left.

Instead, align your feet so they are parallel to the target line or close your stance slightly by pulling your right foot back a bit. This will help to promote more of an inside-out swing path and reduce the sidespin you’re putting on the golf ball.

And nowadays, the slice is probably the most common swing fault among high-handicappers and it’s important to understand this particular ball flight. It is a shot that curves left to right for a right-handed player and right to left for the left-handed players, and it’s generally caused by sidespin produced by a combination of an outside-in swing and an open clubface at impact.

There are, however, hundreds, or even thousands, of different swing feels and thoughts that can pertain to the core fundamentals preached in ‘The SELFish Four’. Maybe it has to do with your feet, or thighs, or fingers, or toenails, or earlobes, or whatever. There are literally a ton of these thoughts and images that have been used by people over the years to help them strike the TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons better.

Therefore, what are the correct ways to help you fit your slice ? The first thing you need to do is to keep your back facing the target at the start of the downswing.

What this ‘feel’ will do is keep your taylormade sldr white driver to the inside on the downswing. If you open your shoulders real quick, and NOT have your back face the target, this will throw your TaylorMade R1 Driver to the outside, and lead to an over the top swing, and hence a bad golf shot. This is a problem slicers are notorious for having.

In addition, you need to feel that your hips bump slightly laterally, then begin to turn out of the way. Finally, the most important is to keep your back facing the target for a split second longer as you make this initial move with your hips. You should feel that your back resists against your lower body. Your upper body stays still, your lower body begins firing, your best price golf clubs are automatically dropped into the slot, then you will achieve a straight but long distance.

Cant get SLDR Irons out of my mind

I love my Taylormade SpeedBlade irons, however, when it comes to the driver I couldn’t get the SLDR out of my bag. Taylormade has announcedSLDR Irons. When i first try these clubs, i fall in love with them immediately. But i do not have enough money to get these clubs so soon after my previous speedblades. I only try them in the shop. But i still remember the feel and performance. They are so amazing.


Official surveys confirm that SLDR drivers and fairway woods currently are the No. 1 models respectively on the PGA Tour. TaylorMade predicts this iron will appeal to a wide spectrum of golfers, from touring pros to average amateurs. Most people assume that SLDR is an abbreviation for ‘slider’, which they can’t use as a brand name as someone else has the rights to it. That was clever marketing as the original Taylormade SLDR driver for sale had a sliding weight in the sole of the club. The goal with the SLDR Iron was to build a classic looking iron and infuse it with the latest performance technologies from TaylorMade.


First featured in the legendary RocketBallz fairway woods and Rescue Clubs, and later adapted for the RocketBladez and SpeedBlade irons, the SLDR iron’s Speed Pocket, with new ThruSlot Technology, is characterised by a 2mm-wide slot cut high up behind the clubface. This ThruSlot enables a large area of the face to flex and rebound at impact, resulting in faster ball speed, a higher launch angle, strong ball flight and a steep, quick stopping descent angle. The SLDR iron combines the looks and responsiveness of a classic shaped iron with modern performance technology. The SLDR has the look of a classic player’s iron, but is appealing and playable to a wide range of golfing abilities – from tour pros to amateurs.


TaylorMade’s Director of Product Creation for Irons, Putters and Wedges. “To find that speed, we created ultra-thin faces, introduced Inverted Cone Technology and now an enhanced slot that extends all the way through the bottom cavity, and works in conjunction with the ultra-thin clubface and deep undercut to promote tremendous face-flex at impact.” The SLDR looks like a player’s iron – not only is there little offset, the topline and sole are thin in the fashion appreciated by many skilled players. At address the heads were a little longer than the TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB irons, with a little more offset and a wider, mid-sized top line and I like this.


All in all, these clubs are the best clubs i have ever tried. I have to say i love the look and feel of these irons.

Rory McIlroy shoots 5-under 66 with Taylormade irons

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A rare mistake led to a double-bogey for Rory McIlroy, but it hardly slowed him during the first round of the PGA Championship.

McIlroy admitted he was none too pleased after he snapped his second shot at the par-5 10th hole out of bounds with TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons, leading to a double-bogey 7 and a temporary state of annoyance.

A three-putt bogey followed at the 11th, but McIlroy settled down and rattled off four straight birdies — along with another at the 18th — to shoot 5-under-par 66 and trail first-round leaders Lee Westwood, Kevin Chappell and Ryan Palmer by a stroke at Valhalla Golf Club.

5“I was very hot,” McIlroy said. “Things like what happened on 10, they happen. You hit bad shots. It sort of knocked me off track a little bit because it’s one of the only bad shots I’ve hit with taylormade burner 2.0 irons in a few weeks. What I was really angry about was you don’t compound that error and make a bogey on the next hole with a three-putt.”

But instead of letting it derail him — as happened several times earlier this year with bad stretches of holes — McIlroy took it as motivation.

“It’s trying to use that fire as a fuel and sort of propel yourself forward,” he said. “It was great. It just sort of shows where my game is mentally right now, that I was able to do that today.”

McIlroy is coming off of victories at the Open Championship and WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the latter coming on Sunday and moving him to No. 1 in the world ahead of Adam Scott.

He had eight birdies in the opening round Thursday and hit 12 of 14 fairways and 13 of 18 greens. And he felt it could have been better.

“I thought I could have made each of the putts on the last three holes,” he said.

McIlroy said he is driving the ball with SLDR Irons better than he did during his hot stretch in 2012, when he won four times toward the end of the year, including the PGA Championship and the season-ending event in Europe.

He has three worldwide wins this year, but the last two victories have seen him excel off the tee and take advantage of it in the rest of his game.

TaylorMade’s fastest SpeedBlade irons Review

The SpeedBlade is specifically designed to improve those shots. To be honest, I like its technology very much. The key technology in the new Taylormade SpeedBlade irons is the Speed Pocket, featured on the 3 to 7 iron. The handle-bar shaped slot in the sole of the irons allows the face to flex at impact, increasing ball speed and launch.

TaylorMade’s research found that over 70% of shots hit by golfers with a handicap between 5 and 25, are struck below the center of the face. This type of strike typically results in lower launching, inconsistent shots. These slots provides even more flex in the face at impact. Add it all together, and TaylorMade say the SpeedBlade iron has the fastest face they have ever created.


Whilst TaylorMade are not making any distance guarantees, they do say the new SpeedBlade 6-iron traveled more than 10 yards farther and 4% higher than the TaylorMade R11 Irons. Each wedge has a heavier steel shaft than a standard SpeedBlade iron, to further improve short game performance and consistency.

Why compare to a TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons? Well TaylorMade’s 2011 research suggested the average replacement cycle for “core golfer” is 4.9 years. “Five years ago we challenged ourselves to create the best iron we could,” said Bazzel. “We’ve taken everything we’ve learned since then and created our most complete iron ever in the SpeedBlade.”

As well as a high launch and faster ball speeds, the SpeedBlade’s progressive shaping has been has been engineered to offer a performance suited to its role in a golfer’s bag.

Knowing the Golf Rules, Knowing Your Game

When there are rules, there are stability and harmony. Though rules are not like laws have mandatory and legal effect, they can also affect and restrict people’s bad habits and prevent bad things happen. Rules are very important and nowadays used in almost every field. In golf, rules are also very necessary.

Firtly, for golfers, espcially beginners, if you are unfamiliar with the course you’re going to play, it’s always a good policy to check with the Pro Shop in advance of your tee time to ask if they have special regulations you should be aware of before you hit the links.

It is common to find that most courses say no short-shorts, torn jeans, tank tops allowed. Many courses require collared shirts for men, casual slacks or appropriate length bermuda shorts for men and women…not too much “skin” showing. And more and more courses are requiring non-metal spikes these days.

If you smoke cigars or cigarettes, don’t throw your butts on the course. The golf course is one of the last places we have complete freedom to smoke. That privilege may be taken away if we litter the course with ping g30 driver. Remember to dispose of butts, drink containers and any other trash, in proper receptacles on the course or in your cart.

In addition, usually, divots happen as the result of good shots and as the result of poor shots. Either way divots are acceptable. Not replacing them is not acceptable. It is hard enough to hit a golf shot. Actucally, you can replace the divot in the hole, and tamp it in slightly. The roots will quickly take hold again and the grass will soon be growing normally.

Also, be aware of the bunkers, or sand traps especially when hitting with the TaylorMade SLDR Irons, because youmight really mess them up trying to get out. So be sure to rake the bunker neatly when you leave. A neatly-raked bunker is not only more attractive, but also allows subsequent players to more easily “play the ball as it lies” in the sand.

Finally, pay attention to your game courtesy during the game. Don’t move, talk, or stand too close to a player when they are taking a shot. Concentration is required, and noise and movement can be disconcerting. Be ready to hit your ball when it’s your turn. Keep conversation to a minimum and leave the cell phone behind when playing the game with your favorite TaylorMade R1 Driver.

In a word, when everyone can obey the rules, then we can have a smooth and enjoyable golf erperience. Never do something go against the rules unless you want to break your game and disturb others.

2014 newest TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons Review

Do you know, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB irons 2014 are another solid iron from TaylorMade? My handicap has remained the same – I’m not playing as much as previously so look forward to when I can get back properly! With a slightly chunky top line they still look good behind the ball and the head shape is nice.

The sole is a little more chunky than the other TP irons thanks to the undercut cavity of the cast head, but that is what gives the CB irons their forgiveness and high MOI. The head includes a forged face insert and combined with the sound management badge does make these irons feel very good indeed.

This is a little surprising as the heads are oversized with a little more offset than the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons 2014, so you would expect all the usual game improvement characteristics, but no. The flight was a little higher but still penetrating and the long irons in particular were very easy to hit.

I guess, Mid-handicappers may want to blend a few of the MC short irons into their set, but otherwise the CB irons are well worth considering.

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