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Try Your Best to Get Focus on Your Game

As golfers, it’s common for us to anticipate the result of whatever swing or stroke we make. But when this happens incessantly, the mind races ahead of the present and all hell breaks loose. Good swings require that the conscious mind stays quiet or occupied on something that’s in the present during the entire motion.

The number-one rule about any focus exercise is that it keeps you completely engaged through one or two of your senses for the entire swing, from beginning to end. One of the most common errors I see with regard to this is when a student anticipates too much.

As a matter of fact, this is an unwritten law of superior athletic performance. All great athletes are able to get themselves in the present during their performances. The challenge with golf is that each performance is separated by a fairly lengthy time and you have to initiate the motion. You don’t get to react to something or someone moving toward you like you do in most sports.

In addition, balance is a nonnegotiable fundamental. Doing these simple, but very effective exercises will help you improve your stability during a swing and learn to swing without a mind full of bad swing thoughts on your TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons. Focusing on balance easily distracts your conscious mind from worrying about too many things during the swing. It’s also a great way to get loose, both physically and mentally.

To get started on developing a better kinesthetic awareness, try and make a few swings (with or without a ball, that’s your choice) with your feet together. Swing the TaylorMade R1 Driver easy, then make full-speed swings, and keep at it until you’re able to hold your balance. Next, do the same thing, but on your right foot. Then, do it on your left foot. Finally, finish making some golf swings with your eyes closed. The goal is to develop a feel for your swing’s balance and let go of result-oriented thinking.

However, things are always easier saying than doing. There are lots of factors can affect golf players’ performance no matter from outside or players themselves. Try your best to concerntrate on the taylormade sldr irons, the ball and the target, then the game. It is important to own your focus on these during the game.

Ways to Deal with the Troubles during Practice

Have you ever met problems or troubles when you practice golf? The answer is surely yes. Everyone who play golf would sufer troubles during practice. However, as practice is what you should do everyday, how to deal with the troubles during practice? Sometimes, the troubles are really difficult to overcome.

For example, when you do golf swing by your new driver with too much power, you can even not find the ball, how to deal with this? Or when your club hook the greens and cannot hit the ball away, how to deal with it?

For practice to be productive we must first analyze what aspects of our game need the most work. This can be done best by counting how many drives hit the fairway, how many fairway wood shots reach their target, how many iron shots hit the green, how many putts we use per round. After realistically determining what should be worked on, seek a Golf Professional to make necessary corrections.

All practice should have a goal, weather it is trying to make a larger percentage of 10-foot putt or straightening out an erratic diver. Chart your progress on a notepad. This type of organization will prevent you from following the wrong path.

Then you may need a good practice drill. What is it? How to proceed with it? You can use a lofted short iron, make half swings with the hands swinging about waist high. On this length back swing, the toe of the TaylorMade SLDR Driver should also point up, and on the forward swing the toe of the club should also point up.

Additionally, you will find a weight transfer of your TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons be very helpful. A normal weight transfer will allow you to release your back foot so the heel is off the ground and you’re balancing on your toe. If the toe of the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB 2014 is not “up” on the back swing and follow through, look for corrections starting with the grip and then alignment.

Finally, learn to change and get rid of some bad golf habits. You should never forget the aim for practice. You practice to improve both our score and our enjoyment. Then, you’d better ty to limit the time of your practice sessions to the time you can be strong mentally and physically.

I know that the last step is very difficult for most players. Yes, it is very hard for somebody to get rid of bad and old golf habits, but if you play with bad habits all the time, your game will never be improved.

Get Rid of the Tension during Golf Swing

During golf swing, most players are tend to get neverous and grip the golf clubs too tightly and lead to short distance and bad shot of beginning. This is a common problem during many players, especially the golf beginners. Nowadays, more and more people come into the big family of golf game, but few can understand golf well and do a beauiful golf swing.

So, how to deal with the tenstion on swing? What is tenstion? Actually, tension is the greatest robber of motion. The result is a hitting action rather than a swinging motion. A correct grip can relieve the pressure; however, it’s still possible to have a correct grip and hold on too tightly (tension).

A common cause of tension lies in the grip. An improper grip, or one that is too tight, creates tension that continues up the arms, through the shoulders, down the body and to the legs is sure to wreck your swing.

Bad posture and set-up is another cause of tension. By playing the ball too far from the body, the player reaches out and this encourages the weight to move too far forward on the feet. The result is an off-balanced, blocking motion.

For good posture, the feet should not be too far apart (about the width of the shoulders), with the weight inside the taylormade sldr irons evenly distributed and to the inside. Knees are flexed, back is straight and tilted forward from the hips. Let your arms hang naturally with the right forearm under the left forearm and the right elbow relaxed and pointing downward.

The shoulders set up the planeswing, therefore they should make a good full turn. A limited shoulder turn leads to a short, fast backswing which destroys good tempo. Don’t start something you can’t finish.

After completing the shoulder turn, the shoulders become passive on the downswing. This means that the forward motion of your swing is lead by the lower body. The knees, moving forward and towards the TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons, starts the downswing and eliminates the tension of the upper body wanting to take over the downswing. This is commonly called “coming over the top.”

In a word, no realx, no attitude, then no good golf game. Just swing the TaylorMade R1 Driver as though you were working by the hour, not by the job. You may think it is easy saying than done, but no effort, no success. This will help you get more accuracy and long distance during golf swing. Just do your best.

More and more golfers fall in love with speedblade irons

I found my favourite golf irons with the help of the sales man of the local shop. He bring me more than four sets for me to choose. I found i can get about 10-15 yards longer than before with the speedblade irons. I realize that it maybe because the stronger lofts. What’s more i noticed the feel of these clubs is tremendous. These irons are really the one i was looking for.

The taylormade speedblade irons for sale are designed for mid and high handicappers, and feature the “Speed Pocket” in the 3-7 irons, a slot in the sole that allows the face to flex at impact and deliver more ball speed and a higher launch.  Utilising similar technology to their RBZ woods, the speed pocket behind the face is designed to increase ball speed and launch angle, to eventually equate to more distance. Improved face flex results in more rebound and a faster ball speed all without having to swing harder. In addition, the SpeedBlade’s lower center of gravity and clubface functionality not only stretches the sweetspot wider, but effectively pulls it down, TaylorMade says. That should help many golfers.
For someone trying to hit the ball further this performance gap just didn’t matter. They would rather have the ball roll out because they were suddenly hitting their 7 iron from where they used to hit 5. I hit it so well I was past the green about 15 yards. It may not be “buttery soft,” but anyone who says that it isn’t satisfying would be lying. With the SpeedBlades, there is far less feedback about the location of the mishit and the feel is very firm. I said it at the time, and I’ll say it again today – RocketBladez was a phenomenal game-improvement iron. The result of those taylormade r11 irons low strikes on the face is low trajectory.  The Speed Pocket helps those players launch the ball higher.
I’m sure this is the premise that TaylorMade used when coming up with the next logical step in iron technology. The long irons are cast from Carpenters steel for strength while the mid- and short irons are cast using 17-4 stainless steel, which is softer, to enhance feel. From the results, there are a few of the taylormade sldr irons for sale that performed slightly more consistent and better, but there will always be a few differences due to a change in shaft weight and balance from club to club, as unfortunately we couldn’t put the exact same shaft in every head (else the test would have taken days upon days!).
The SpeedBlades are a good head from Taylormade, with regard to launch and spin while maintaining a good amount of ball-speed. To say it more frankly, these are the best irons i have ever played. They are easy to hit and i love the crazy distnace they created. The look is clean and great. Everything seems good. I wish more and more people fall in love with this set and join us to play with them.

Nick Watney takes Wyndham lead

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Not many players birdied the tricky final hole at the Wyndham Championship on Saturday.

Nick Watney did to top leaderboard.

Watney made a 20-foot birdie putt from the right edge of the green on the par-4 18th for a 5-under 65 and a one-stroke lead. The five-time PGA Tour winner had a 14-under 196 total with only one bogey through three trips around Sedgefield Country Club.

“I’ve been trying to keep it pretty simple — a lot of fairways and greens, and I’ve been able to do that so far,” Watney said. “I’m super excited about going into tomorrow with the lead. … I’m looking forward to everything that comes with it, all the emotions and wanting to do well and whatnot. Learning how to handle that is a big thing, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Brad Fritsch was second after a 65.

Freddie Jacobson and second-round co-leader Heath Slocum were 12 under. Jacobson shot a 66 with TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons 2014, and Slocum had a 68.

Former Wyndham winners Brandt Snedeker and Webb Simpson joined second-round co-leader Scott Langley at 11 under in the final event of the PGA Tour’s regular season. Snedeker and Simpson shot 66, and Langley had a 69.

Fritsch was the first to 13 under, but Watney joined him with a birdie on the par-5 15th — his second of the week on that hole.

Then came the sequence that gave him sole possession of the lead, and it came on the second-toughest hole of the day.

Watney plopped his fairway shot from 180 yards onto the right edge of the green, then calmly rolled in his putt for just the fifth birdie of the day on 18 with TaylorMade SpeedBlade.

“It’s a hard hole as it is, and they put the pin on that back right little knob,” Watney said. “It’s a bonus and I’m very happy with it.”

That put him in great position for his second top-10 finish of the year and his first victory since he won The Barclays in 2012.

Knowing Where to Focus When Playing Golf

As a matter of fact, golf is difficult due to lots of reasons. But recently, I found that another problem come during the game. More and more players do not know where to focus during golf swing. Or we can see many players always focus on wrong things instead of the target and swing. Some would like to focus on the ball, golf clubs or their hands, for example.

For some athletes, the ball can be the target. A batter focuses on the baseball as it heads toward the plate. A receiver’s eyes zero in on the football before he makes a catch. Tennis players have to intently watch the ball coming at them in order to hit it. Other athletes – a quarterback, a pitcher or a basketball player shooting a shot – all have to look toward their intended target in order to see where they are throwing. They can’t look at the ball; instead they project to their target and trust their skills.

Golfers getting ready to hit the next shot most likely cannot see the target, so they must rely on their swing to carry them through. They don’t have to see the ball to swing effectively. That is the reason the blind can play golf. By not focusing on the ball, they simply focus on making a nice free-flowing swing. This is the reason most people’s practice swings are better than their real swings, because they don’t have a ball in front of them.

In fact, the key to having a successful swing is staying in balance, which should be the first and foremost, Balance is a must in order to create centrifugal force, which results in accuracy as well as distance. Allowing the body to rotate around a steady head or around the spine propels the TaylorMade R1 Driver head in a true swing arc.

Regardless of the sport, all great athletes have to have good balance in order to execute particular moves. Under stress, especially in tight situations when an important shot or putt is needed to be made, we start to tighten up. Once this occurs, we start having too many moving parts in our swing and this throws us out of balance when playing with your TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons.

If you maintain proper balance, you most likely will be surprised at how far and how straight the ball travels and your taylormade sldr white driver can do. Then try it with feet together and your eyes closed to take your focus off the ball. This will give you a greater sense of how important it is to maintain your balance.

Therefore, next time when you are doing the golf swing, try to make a change to transfer your focus on your target from the ball. If you staring at the ball, how can you concerntrate your power on the best price golf clubs and then make it to your target? Just try your best to know where to locate your focuse.

Find the Right Way to Save Your Slice

Many players that slice the ball will try to aim left by opening their stance to keep the ball in the fairway. While this will occasionally keep your ball in play, this actually makes the problem worse because the open stance further promotes an outside-in swing path. Even if you square the club in this alignment, you will probably pull the ball straight left.

Instead, align your feet so they are parallel to the target line or close your stance slightly by pulling your right foot back a bit. This will help to promote more of an inside-out swing path and reduce the sidespin you’re putting on the golf ball.

And nowadays, the slice is probably the most common swing fault among high-handicappers and it’s important to understand this particular ball flight. It is a shot that curves left to right for a right-handed player and right to left for the left-handed players, and it’s generally caused by sidespin produced by a combination of an outside-in swing and an open clubface at impact.

There are, however, hundreds, or even thousands, of different swing feels and thoughts that can pertain to the core fundamentals preached in ‘The SELFish Four’. Maybe it has to do with your feet, or thighs, or fingers, or toenails, or earlobes, or whatever. There are literally a ton of these thoughts and images that have been used by people over the years to help them strike the TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons better.

Therefore, what are the correct ways to help you fit your slice ? The first thing you need to do is to keep your back facing the target at the start of the downswing.

What this ‘feel’ will do is keep your taylormade sldr white driver to the inside on the downswing. If you open your shoulders real quick, and NOT have your back face the target, this will throw your TaylorMade R1 Driver to the outside, and lead to an over the top swing, and hence a bad golf shot. This is a problem slicers are notorious for having.

In addition, you need to feel that your hips bump slightly laterally, then begin to turn out of the way. Finally, the most important is to keep your back facing the target for a split second longer as you make this initial move with your hips. You should feel that your back resists against your lower body. Your upper body stays still, your lower body begins firing, your best price golf clubs are automatically dropped into the slot, then you will achieve a straight but long distance.

TaylorMade’s fastest SpeedBlade irons Review

The SpeedBlade is specifically designed to improve those shots. To be honest, I like its technology very much. The key technology in the new Taylormade SpeedBlade irons is the Speed Pocket, featured on the 3 to 7 iron. The handle-bar shaped slot in the sole of the irons allows the face to flex at impact, increasing ball speed and launch.

TaylorMade’s research found that over 70% of shots hit by golfers with a handicap between 5 and 25, are struck below the center of the face. This type of strike typically results in lower launching, inconsistent shots. These slots provides even more flex in the face at impact. Add it all together, and TaylorMade say the SpeedBlade iron has the fastest face they have ever created.


Whilst TaylorMade are not making any distance guarantees, they do say the new SpeedBlade 6-iron traveled more than 10 yards farther and 4% higher than the TaylorMade R11 Irons. Each wedge has a heavier steel shaft than a standard SpeedBlade iron, to further improve short game performance and consistency.

Why compare to a TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons? Well TaylorMade’s 2011 research suggested the average replacement cycle for “core golfer” is 4.9 years. “Five years ago we challenged ourselves to create the best iron we could,” said Bazzel. “We’ve taken everything we’ve learned since then and created our most complete iron ever in the SpeedBlade.”

As well as a high launch and faster ball speeds, the SpeedBlade’s progressive shaping has been has been engineered to offer a performance suited to its role in a golfer’s bag.

TaylorMade upgrades slotted iron with SpeedBlade irons

When TaylorMade launches a new product, it likes to make a splash. When it launches a new product that it likens in significance to the original metalwood and the original movable-weight r7, it brings in the heavy artillery. The new cheap taylormade rocketbladez irons is a cutting-edge game-improvement club designed to launch the ball exceptionally high and far.

The Taylormade SpeedBlade is a game-improvement iron designed to build upon the successful RocketBladez platform or marrying a thin face with a “speed pocket” (a slot in the sole of the club that is in the 3- through 7-irons) that enables the face to flex at impact, the result being a fasterballspeed with a higher launch.

The position of the slot low on the clubhead is an important factor, says Brian Bazzel, the company’s director of iron, wedge and putter development, who noted company research that showed 72 percent of iron shots hit by five- to 25-handicappers are struck below the center of the clubface, resulting in a low launch and loss of ballspeed.

YouTube Preview Image

According to Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s product creation manager, 72 percent of iron shots hit by golfers with handicaps between 5 and 25 are struck below the center of the clubface. “It’s incredibly important to build a club that allows the bottom of the club to move, because that’s where people are actually hitting it,” Bazzel said. In fact, he says the SpeedBlade long irons (3-5) flex almost 20 percent more than the RocketBladez long irons.

Compared to the discount taylormade rocketbladez irons, the speed pocket has been widened and lengthened to provide a more effective area near the heel and toe areas. The topline is also a bit thicker in the longer irons. The clubs boast a satin nickel chrome plating with a dark smoke satin ion plating. While the SpeedBlade’s thicker toplines and wider soles should instill confidence for mid- and high-handicap golfers, Toulon says that accomplished players will benefit from the technologies designed into the new irons.

Making the clubs more consistent across a larger portion of the hitting area was a major goal for the SpeedBlade, but TaylorMade also focused on improving the clubs’ ability to provide feedback.

Know the Basic Golf Rules before Playing Golf

No matter how skillful you are or how sharp your tool is, you must be awear of the basic golf etiquette before playing the game. Knowing the rules can help you get into the game more smoothly and quicker. There are several basic golf rulse you should know as below.

Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with the course you’re going to play, it’s always a good policy to check with the Pro Shop in advance of your tee time to ask if they have special regulations you should be aware of before you hit the links – such as special regulations concerning appropriate apparel on the course, speed of play, special cart path rules, if walking is allowed etc.

Generally speaking, common sense-dressing applies. Most courses say no short-shorts, torn jeans, tank tops allowed. Many courses require collared shirts for men, casual slacks or appropriate length bermuda shorts for men and women.

If you smoke cigars or cigarettes, don’t throw your butts on the course. The golf course is one of the last places we have complete freedom to smoke. That privilege may be taken away if we litter the course with butts. It certainly doesn’t look good and besides.

Not replacing them is not acceptable. It is hard enough to hit a golf shot. And if you’ve ever attempted to hit a ball from a divot hole you’ll likely never forget to replace a divot for as long as you play the game. So replace the divot in the hole, and tamp TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons in slightly. The roots will quickly take hold again and the grass will soon be growing normally.

You may spend a lot of time here…in the bunkers, or sand traps…and you might really mess them up trying to get out. So be sure to rake the bunker neatly when you leave. A neatly-raked bunker is not only more attractive, but also allows subsequent players to more easily “play the ball as it lies” in the sand.

The safety of those in your group, other golfers on the course, and spectators is very important. Always be careful when swinging a club. Serious injuries have occurred when golfers have been accidentally hit in the head with a TaylorMade R1 Driver or ball. Be particularly careful with children – golf clubs especially taylormade sldr irons are not toys, and can in fact become a ‘deadly weapon’.

In addition, certain concentration is required, and noise and movement can be disconcerting. Be ready to hit your ball when it’s your turn. Keep conversation to a minimum and leave the cell phone behind.

Finally, just try your best to keep the game moving. Never say much or do much to prevent the game moving, especially when you are in groups. No one wants to be in such a group which does not keep the game moving due to this and that reason.

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