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Staying with TaylorMade R7 Limited Driver


I picked up R7 Limited Driver after trying my friends for a couple of rounds. It is definetely the best driver I’ve ever hit. I hit it about 5-10 yards longer then my previous Titleist 913 D3 Driver . I love how the clubhead lies completely neutral, and it looks awesome at adress. If you want to bomb your drives down the middle, you need to get this driver.

The TaylorMade R7 Limited driver is the next generation in the groundbreaking series of the r7 range that introduced Moveable Weight Technology to popular acclaim among tour professionals and recreational players alike. It uses Movable Weight Technology to deliver a remarkable boost in performance.

In 2004, TaylorMade introduced Movable Weight Technology in a seminal driver called the r7 quad, which gave golfers the ability to move weight in the driver head to promote changes in trajectory to gain greater distance and accuracy. It was followed by the r7 425, the r7 460 and r7 SuperQuad, drivers whose groundbreaking performance fueled record popularity among tour professionals and recreational players alike.

From it’s original version comes the new R7 Limited, with a new shape for increased club speed and launch angles, the R7 series still shows that after all these years, it’s still one heck of a club.The TaylorMade R7 Limited driver  features a head shape similar to the R7 CGB Max driver of last year, but has a more pleasing look at address. You can defiantly see the geometry when you set the club head behind the ball, and it is designed that way for a reason.

This club also incorporates a new, modern and beautiful clubhead shape. Reminiscent of a triangle, with soft corners for a pleasing appearance, the head is faster-looking than any r7 driver head before it, and the address footprint is exceptionally large, giving it a substantial and confidence-inspiring appearance while deeper, lower CG promotes better launch conditions for even more yardage.

It is also equipped with a new high-performance 60-gram graphite shaft, the Matrix XCon 5.5 MOI, which incorporates a stability-enhancing weave that extends from the butt to the middle of the shaft. The XCon 5.5 MOI is specifically designed to work in conjunction with today’s larger, high-MOI driver heads to reduce twisting when contact is made toward the toe or heel.

Actually,I understand why TaylorMade is the #1 driver in golf. Product performs as advertised. I simply like the way the R7 looks at setup and the ball really comes off the face of the club like a rocket. If you are a golfer prone to generating less than optimal spin, or hitting the ball lower than what you’d want to, then these golf clubs for sale are definitely one of the better alternatives.