Control Trajectory by Varying Golf Ball Position

One of the many things that set tour pros apart from amateurs – even very good ones – is the ability to control the ball’s trajectory.

This is an important factor in windy conditions, but also when playing to different pin placements with TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons 2014, carrying distant hazards or hitting a shot that runs after landing.

There’s no real magic to altering the height of your shots. It’s largely done by changing the ball’s position in your stance, which determines the club’s effective loft at impact. As a simple rule, the farther up in your stance you play the ball  with TaylorMade SLDR Driver for sale – toward the left foot, for a right-hander – the higher it will fly. Play it farther back, or to the right, to produce a lower flight.

It’s important to keep the hands ahead of the ball and the shaft leaning toward the target on iron shots. The farther back you play the ball, the more the shaft will lean.

New TaylorMade SLDR for Year 2014

In 2014, there come out lots of new golf equipment from very famous brands, such as Ping, Titleist and TaylorMade. When you are immersed in the great mass favor of Ping G30 and think 2014 is only for Ping, then you are totally wrong. 2014 is a year of domination for SLDR.

TaylorMade also never show any weakness in such a competitive golf market. And SLDR is their main products for new year 2014, which also achieve extraordinary gains from golf field. TaylorMade Golf Company, renowned for innovations in performance-enhancing golf equipment, returned to Scotland for the 2014 Scottish Open where the journey initially begun last year for the most revolutionary, technically advanced and most successful driver in the history of golf – the SLDR.

Designed to help a player hit longer/straighter drives by promoting a high launch angle, lower spin-rate and faster ball speed, TaylorMade is challenging golfers to ‘loft up’ throughout its family of Metalwoods – a monumental shift in metalwood thinking. The SLDR quickly emerged as the dominant driver on Tour with many players increasing their loft to achieve greater control, more consistency and significant distance gains.

Players of all abilities are able to achieve more distance by ‘lofting up’ with the family of taylormade sldr products including SLDR, SLDRs and SLDR Mini Driver and this was showcased during the event to assembled guests from four ofTaylorMade Golf’s leading Tour staff players – Justin Rose, Stephen Gallacher, Richie Ramsay and Johan Carlsson.

TaylorMade Golf continues to deliver technological innovation in the world of golf.  The TaylorMade SLDR Driver is a revolutionary product that showcases that distance is something that can be mastered and improved by both Tour pros and amateur players alike when golfers ‘loft up’

Increasing your loft on your driver is here to stay and we believe this is the future for golfers who want more distance, improved consistency and ultimately better scores. Thousands of golfers have already embraced more loft, with many going as high as 16-degrees, and I’m sure we’ll being seeing more success with taylormade sldr irons as the year continues.

TaylorMade never let their customers down on the long distance and accurate lie angles. Players who love TaylorMade must be attracted by TaylorMade golf clubs’ special function. And this time, SLDR will also meet your demands for golf game, it depends on you.

TaylorMade SLDR White Driver has a more classical crown design

TaylorMade has a new driver. It’s called TaylorMade SLDR White. For years it’s been accepted that low and back was the ideal CG location for a driver. Moving the CG forward in a driver is a monumental shift in metalwood thinking.

Unlike TaylorMade’s last white driver, the taylormade r1 driver, the new white SLDR doesn’t feature alignment graphics, but a more classical crown design that should appeal to a wider range of golfers. Long distance comes from combining of fast ball speed, high launch-angle and low spin-rate. We’ve discovered that moving the CG forward promotes more ball speed and less spin. To launch the ball on a high enough angle to maximize distance, we’ve discovered that most golfers benefit from increasing their loft, some by as much two or three degrees.

TaylorMade traditionally has not offered drivers with lofts greater than 12 degrees. With the adjustable loft sleeve, the new 14-degree SLDR would reach a maximum loft of 15.5 degrees and minimum loft of 12.5 degrees. The 14-degree loft will be added to a SLDR line that already includes 8-, 9.5-, 10.5- and 12-degree models.  TaylorMade staff player Dustin Johnson, who has a swing speed of 113 miles per hour, won last month’s WGC-HSBC Champions using a TaylorMade SLDR Driver to 10.5 degrees.

In a company press release, Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade’s chief technical officer, said the forward CG idea changes some preconceived ideas about better players using lower-lofted drivers. The hosel also appears adjustable, and under the heading lofts, the entry on the USGA list reads "N/A." It’s not a stretch to say the club may be played this week at the John Deere Classic and the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open.

Bernhard Langer wins by 13 shots

BRIDGEND, Wales — Bernhard Langer ran away with the Senior British Open on Sunday for his fourth senior major title, finishing a Champions Tour-record 13 strokes ahead of Scotland’s Colin Montgomerie.

The 56-year-old German closed with a 4-under 67 at sunny and breezy Royal Porthcawl to finish at 18-under 266 with discount TaylorMade SLDR Driver. He opened with rounds of 65, 66 and 68.

"The golf course is unbelievably tough," Langer said. "To have this weather for four days is unreal, it’s like playing in Florida with a bit of wind. The secret was I didn’t make too many mistakes and my driver was very good and my long putting was excellent, although not quite today as I was lacking a little. Perhaps my lead was too big."

Montgomerie, the winner of the previous two senior majors, finished with a 69.

"This was a brute of a golf course with no wind, never mind with the wind," Montgomerie said. "But what I would like to say is that Bernhard Langer’s performance here is one of the golfing performances of all time. And I’d like to say, Rory McIlroy and his group of friends, bring it on here. … Remarkable, remarkable play and all credit to him."

Langer broke the Champions Tour record for margin of victory of 12 set by Hale Irwin in the 1997 Senior PGA, and almost doubled Bob Charles’ tournament record of seven strokes set at Turnberry in 1989. Langer also matched the tournament record for relation to par set by Tom Watson at Turnberry in 2003.

"Just very blessed to be able to play such good golf with TaylorMade SLDR Irons for sale and really enjoy the 18 holes today because there wasn’t too much pressure," said Langer, who also won the 2010 tournament at Carnoustie and lost in a playoff last year at Royal Birkdale. "Still, had to, obviously, hit some decent shots and make some putts."

The victory was Langer’s fourth of the season and 22nd overall on the 50-and-over tour. He earned a spot in the British Open next year at St. Andrews.

TaylorMade SLDR Is really Unforgottable

When it comes to TaylorMade golf equipment, we all have to thumbs up for its excellent quality and design and maybe also the good fame for many years. And recently, TaylorMade pomoted the new SLDR series, which also gains most golfers’ favour.

TaylorMade Golf Company, renowned for innovations in performance-enhancing golf equipment, returned to Scotland for the 2014 Scottish Open where the journey initially begun last year for the most revolutionary, technically advanced and most successful driver in the history of golf – the SLDR.

Justin Rose has won his last two tournaments with the TaylorMade SLDR Driver in the bag and the 33-year-old Englishman is clearly enamoured with the big stick.Whether he will make it three in a row at the Open this week in another matter but this video highlights how pleased he is with his equipment at the moment.

He is joined by a host of club players, among others, in discussing and championing the SLDR in this clip. So, why SLDR is so attractive and owns so many royal fans? You can find this in its newest TaylorMade SLDR Rescue Hybrid.

Getting long distance shots up in the air and further than ever before has been made possible with the TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid. A combination of an improved Speed Pocket design and a further forward CG allows golfers to launch the ball higher and further.

The improved Speed Pocket design helps create increased ball speeds, while it also allows for a further-forward CG which is exceptionally low for explosive ball speeds and lower spin. This technology combined with a shallow face results in an easy launch and exceptional playability with sustained speed off the face.

Visually, the SLDR Rescues incorporate the same rich, charcoal-grey crown and traditional shaping as the SLDR driver. The dark crown-colour contrasts beautifully with the silver-colored clubface to make it easy to align the face accurately at address.

Now, you know why there are so many golf players keen on TaylorMade golf clubs. Actually, I am also a TaylorMade golf fan, and I am going to get a new set of SLDR for my birthday in next month. If you also like TaylorMade SLDR, you really do not need to hesiatet more.

TaylorMade upgrades slotted iron with SpeedBlade irons

When TaylorMade launches a new product, it likes to make a splash. When it launches a new product that it likens in significance to the original metalwood and the original movable-weight r7, it brings in the heavy artillery. The new cheap taylormade rocketbladez irons is a cutting-edge game-improvement club designed to launch the ball exceptionally high and far.

The Taylormade SpeedBlade is a game-improvement iron designed to build upon the successful RocketBladez platform or marrying a thin face with a “speed pocket” (a slot in the sole of the club that is in the 3- through 7-irons) that enables the face to flex at impact, the result being a fasterballspeed with a higher launch.

The position of the slot low on the clubhead is an important factor, says Brian Bazzel, the company’s director of iron, wedge and putter development, who noted company research that showed 72 percent of iron shots hit by five- to 25-handicappers are struck below the center of the clubface, resulting in a low launch and loss of ballspeed.

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According to Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade’s product creation manager, 72 percent of iron shots hit by golfers with handicaps between 5 and 25 are struck below the center of the clubface. “It’s incredibly important to build a club that allows the bottom of the club to move, because that’s where people are actually hitting it,” Bazzel said. In fact, he says the SpeedBlade long irons (3-5) flex almost 20 percent more than the RocketBladez long irons.

Compared to the discount taylormade rocketbladez irons, the speed pocket has been widened and lengthened to provide a more effective area near the heel and toe areas. The topline is also a bit thicker in the longer irons. The clubs boast a satin nickel chrome plating with a dark smoke satin ion plating. While the SpeedBlade’s thicker toplines and wider soles should instill confidence for mid- and high-handicap golfers, Toulon says that accomplished players will benefit from the technologies designed into the new irons.

Making the clubs more consistent across a larger portion of the hitting area was a major goal for the SpeedBlade, but TaylorMade also focused on improving the clubs’ ability to provide feedback.

Ramsay’s TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons and R11s driver

The 29-year-old Scot, who claimed his first victory since landing the 2009 South African Open, carded a 16-under winning total at the idyllic Crans-sur-Sierre for his second career professional victory.

Ramsay, who has finished in the top-six in his last two starts, trusted the r11s driver taylormade, RocketBallz Tour fairway woods, TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons 2014 and Penta TP5 ball to conquer the cold, damp conditions in the Swiss Alps.

The former US Amateur champion performed admirably with his TaylorMade Tour Preferred Forged MC irons by topping the greens in regulation charts for the week on 81.9%.

TaylorMade claims its Tour Preferred MC irons incorporate a compact, shallow cavity that delivers the optimum blend of feel, workability and forgiveness.

Ramsay, who strolled home in the comfort of the adidas Golf adiPURE, also ranked in the top-20 for driving accuracy with his TaylorMade R11S.

The Aberdonian also took advantage of Under Armour’s Storm collection to battle the elements.

“The conditions the first few days made it difficult for everyone but I feel like Under Armour equipped me with all the right tools to keep my performance levels up even in such terrible conditions,” said Ramsay, who relied on the Storm 2.0 Zip Jacket, Storm 2.0 Pant and Evo Coldgear Compression mock.

Harrington used TaylorMade R1 driver at Masters

Padraig Harrington, playing a game of musical chairs with his driver, will go into this week’s Masters with a TaylorMade R1 driver and an abundance of confidence.

The most-notable adjustable aspect of the R1 is its loft sleeve. The club has no loft stamped on it because it has the ability to be adjusted for loft and set anywhere between 8 and 12 degrees. Normally increasing loft closes the face angle and decreasing loft opens it. However the adjustable soleplate offers seven settings that can independently alter face angle to the desired position.

YouTube 预览图像

Harrington says, “I am driving the ball as well as I ever have.” He previously used a toe-weighting scheme to prevent wayward drives from going left with a draw or pull. In the new driver, however, he went with a stock weighting configuration and is “very pleased” with the results. The broken driver was salvaged, with TaylorMade clubmakers pulling the shaft – a Fujikura Speeder 7.2 that is tipped 1 1/2 inches – and installing it in the new Taylormade R1 driver for sale head.

The sound of the club also is slightly louder than previous TaylorMade drivers. To achieve this the company’s engineers designed the most elaborate internal rib system of any TaylorMade driver. The crown features a white matte finish to help eliminate glare, while a black, orange and gray graphic helps frame the remaining white area, producing a V shape.

The idea of a single driver head with multiple lofts was borne out of TaylorMade research with 800 everyday golfers. The results revealed that 80 percent of players were in the wrong loft and that 24 percent had the incorrect loft by at least 2 degrees.

TaylorMade introduces new RocketBladez irons

It is the performance, not the looks, that motivated TaylorMade president and CEO Mark King to call TaylorMade RocketBladez sale a “once in a lifetime innovation.”

The TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons also featured a slot cut into the sole, but the new model’s Speed Pocket is 3 millimeters longer. It’s also slightly wider and extends back in the heel and toe areas. TaylorMade says this updated design allows the clubface to flex more effectively at impact, broadening the sweetspot. The result? Golf balls hit across a larger portion of the hitting area fly about the same distance for more consistency, according to the company.

YouTube 预览图像

Sean O’Hair was the first to test them on the PGA Tour, and he said, “These irons will make me a better player.” It is clear that TaylorMade officials and players have great expectations for the RocketBladez. These irons, even the Tour model, are made of cast stainless steel and not forged steel. TaylorMade calls this “one-piece cast construction.” Executive vice president Sean Toulon said in this case virtually nobody can tell the difference between cast and forged.

The clubface is made of maraging stainless steel and incorporates the company’s newest iteration of Inverted Cone Technology, which is designed to deliver two primary benefits: an increase in the size of the clubface area that delivers high ball speed and an improvement in the control of the angle of the ball as it leaves the clubface, for straighter shots and tighter dispersion.

At last, TaylorMade engineers say they found a way to fine-tune the Center of Gravity in the RocketBladez to a low and “absolutely centered” location on the face by redistributing weight it took from the top of the club, as well as the hosel, to strategic areas within the clubhead.

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TaylorMade successful R11s driver and R11 irons for sale

TaylorMade officials say they utilized several technologies to do that. For starters, they employed the precision weighting port first used with the Tour Preferred MB irons to ensure that the Center of Gravity (CG) in the new Taylormade R11s driver was located in exactly the right position in each club as they also made swingweight uniform.

Then, they added ultra-thin face construction, which increased the COR in the middle and longer R11s to promote faster ball speed and distance. The new sticks also took on the manufacturer’s Inverted Cone technology, which is fashioned to create a bigger sweetspot in an effort to bolster distance on off-center hits.

At the same time, TaylorMade gave the R11s what it describes as progressive shaping, making the longer irons more forgiving and the shorter ones more compact. And officials say they worked extensively with staff professional Nick Faldo to develop top lines that blended into the hosels for what they feel is the best possible look at address.

In addition, they created a “multi-functional sole” for the taylormade r11 irons, with those of the short and mid-irons being moderately thin – and the leading edges moderately sharp – so the R11s could enter and exit turf more quickly and smoothly, and be more playable form a variety of lies. As for the longer irons, the TaylorMade engineers gave them wider soles to pull the CG lower for easier and higher launches as they increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) for enhanced forgiveness and stability.

Finally, the clubmakers incorporated an aluminum badge in the cavity of all R11s to absorb sound and vibration in an effort to improve acoustics and feel at impact.

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