The Whole SLDR Series Give You Insurance in Distance

There is now only about a week left for Christmas, people are trying their best to make the 2014 Christmas more interesting and exciting. Then Christmas gifts are the first and most important things you need to prepare for Christmas. When it comes to Xmas gifts, golf clubs will be in most people’s gifts list each year. All people would follow the tradition to give each other gifts to play the role as Santa Claus. The good news is that there are lots of new golf clubs coming out to match our requests in 2014.

The taylormade sldr series might be the most popular golf clubs oline besides Ping g30 and Titleist 915. If you haven’t found the Xmas gifts you want, then you can take a look at the sldr family. And, the TaylorMade SLDR has been one of the most successful drivers over the last several years — so much so that TaylorMade took their original version and spun off several models this year.

Some people would doubt why there are so many sldr members in this family? Sometimes, you may not tell the difference between each 2 of them. Yes, I do understand that. Actually, each member has its special feature and application. Firstly, the sldr 460 is the first taylormade sldr driver and the original sample of all other coming members.

The sldr driver features the same big 460cc clubhead, sliding 20 gram weight, adjustable loft and low-forward center of gravity you’ve heard so much about. SLDR 460’s come in base lofts of 8, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees, with an overall length of 45.5 inches for men and 44.5 for women.


The smaller SLDR 430 is one of the options now available geared towards the pro and semi-professional players. With a head volume of only 430cc, it’s easier to shape shots with this driver, but it’s also much less forgiving than the 460. The loft selection is more narrow, too — only 9, 10.5 and 12 degree models are available. The standard men’s length is 45.5 inches, but the tour models are a shorter 45.25 inches.

Just in case you want less slide to your SLDR, TaylorMade developed the SLDR S driver, a no-frills version of this driver. The sliding weight is still in place, but the adjustable hosel is gone for the SLDR S. It has the 460cc head and length of the original, in fixed lofts of 10, 12, 14 and 16 degrees.

The SLDR TP drivers are geared toward professional play, but with the 460cc clubhead of the original SLDR. And the SLDR Whites are the same as their individual namesakes when it comes to specs, but they feature bright white crowns with black alignment aids. It may seem like a small thing, but white clubheads have been big winners in the putter department, the taylorMade sldr white driver is making a comeback. More information can be found on

Buy These Top Drivers to Get Free Gifts

We always say best golfers should own best golf clubs, yes sure, this is correct. But I also want to say, best festivals should also buy best golf clubs. As Christmas is coming very soon, many people are hesitating to buy golf clubs for their families or not. Why? Golf clubs are not like those small gifts such as scarfs, gloves or books, they are much more expensive than many common things. However, if you choose golf clubs on golfsetwholesale, this will never be a problem.

All golf clubs on golfsetwholesale are under very competitive prices. Moreover, we have prepared lots of free gifts for all our customers. If you buy, we will give. You will not only get excellent golf clubs but also some small gifts like glove, towel, t-shirt, trousers or even a putter. And here we recommend top three wholesale golf clubs for your choices. Each of them is the best club for all of us.

The first one must be the cheap tayloramde sldr driver. Not only was the Taylormade driver the best driver for raw distance, but was also very impressive in the category of shot control and forgiveness. Overall, this may be the best golf driver that has ever been created. TaylorMade blew away the second best competitor by nearly 2%. That may seem small but could add up the difference between hitting a choked down 9 iron and hitting a wedge into the green.

Secondly, in 2014, Ping is also a big winner in producing ping g25 and g30 series. So, I would also like to recommend the ping g25 driver price. Compared to the Taylomade SLDR, the Ping driver comes off of the face with slightly more speed and more spin. More spin means a higher ball flight so you do not have to increase the loft to get the same ball flight.

The super genius physics minded analysts will try and convince you that more backspin will reduce sidespin and, thus, give you better control. Although there is some controversy around that point, the Ping 25 did significantly outperform the TaylorMade SLDR in forgiveness.

Finally, we should not ignore callaway golf clubs. The callaway X2 Hot driver for sale is a top notch driver if you are looking for added distance with a swing speed slower than 100mph. The X2 Hot does not get the same attention as the companies flashier, more expensive models. But the results speak for themselves. If you have a slower swing speed, the X2 Hot beats the other Callaway models, just take an action now.

The point is that you can get a free golf towel no matter which one you buy among the drivers above. Golf gloves are also ready to send out as free gifts for customers who buy clubs over $100 from us. The quantities of the gifts are limited, the time toward Christmas is also limited. So, what are you waiting for?  You can find more details on

The New TaylorMade R15 VS TaylorMade SLDR

Taylormade golf clubs never let us down no matter in design or appearance. People can always find their favorite clubs among taylormade golf clubs. And in 2014, taylormade is really busy in producing new golf equipment begin with sldr series. But now, at the end of 2014, taylormade introduced its newest r15 series especially the R15 driver. You will find it worth to wait over 14 months if you have a chance to have a test in the new driver.

In total, there are our TaylorMade R15 driver models which have been unveiled alongside an R15 fairway and hybrid. Available in 460cc, 430cc and two TP models this January, new R15 drivers continue the ‘loft up’ trend that made, and continues to make, the SLDR such a hit with tour pros and amateurs alike. TaylorMade also celebrates 15 years of the ‘R Series’ franchise with the launch of the R15 driver.

The pre-cursor to the ‘loft up’ campaign was the ability to move weight low and forward in the driver head, and the R15 has an even lower and more forward CG position than its predecessor.

This is achieved predominantly through a new Front Track system, which follows on from the sliding weight-adjustment mechanism that made its driver debut on the taylormade SLDR driver. The new Font Track system sits 12mm further forward that its SLDR equivalent, helping move 40g of mass closer to the face. The result is a repositioned centre of gravity and reduced spin, which can also be found on taylormade sldr irons.


However, I have to say, the taylorMade sldr white driver may not have been the most commercially successful driver TaylorMade has ever done, but it did herald their new philosophy of low forward centre of gravity (CG) and low spin for more distance. Having been told white was the answer to all alignment issues with taylormade R1 driver, TaylorMade went to the dark side with the black crowned SLDR and now the R15 is back in white. With a black option, just in case.

Now TaylorMade return to the R brand name that served them so well in the past with the R15 driver and are building on the low forward CG message to hopefully get the best of both worlds. It is good to see the R name back and the larger profile of the R15 quickly sets it apart from the taller and more compact SLDR, even though both are 460cc heads.

Compared with the SLDR, R15 will surely be more technological in design and distance. It is a updating series of R11, but quite different from it as you can see firstly from the outlook appearance of the new R15. Though I have not used it yet, I will surely have a chance to get a new one soon from the golf clubs online. More information can be found on

Best Golf Clubs for Christmas

As the weather is getting colder and colder, Christmas is coming near and near. We all love Chirstmas, why? Because all of us can get gifts on Christmas. In the past, kids would expect Chrismtas so that they can get free gifts from Santa Claus. Before going to sleep, they will put a pair of stockings at the edge of the bed. They will be excited to see the gifts inside the socks. At that time they would never know their parents are just the Santa Claus for them. After all, it is a beautiful fairy tale, who wants to break it?

However, nowadays, Santa Claus is still very popular, the difference is that each family memeber would send gifts to each other. Then everyone is Santa Claus to another one. Little kids would directly ask their parents for gifts. And each time when Christmas is coming, all of us would be thinking about what gifts to send out. In my opinion, golf clubs would be your first choice for Christmas gift if you love golf sports. Today, golf has been one part of our lives which is closely connected with our business and lives. I know that most people love golf very much and would spend lots of money on golf clubs each year or month.

If you think golf clubs gifts are too expensive for Christmas, then please take a look at the golf clubs online to find some reasonable priced clubs for your friends or families. To celebrate Christmas, we also prepared many golf clubs for your choice. And all the clubs are with excellent quality and very competitive prices. Moreover, we have prepared quantities of free gifts for XMAS, you will get a free gift once if you buy over 100.  Here I can recommmend some hotsellers now, you can consider them as XMAS gifts.


The first club I want to recommend is the new ping g30 driver. The G30 is Ping’s first G-series driver release since late 2012 when the highly acclaimed G25 started popping up on Tour. The Ping G25 driver was widely considered as one of the most balanced drivers on the market, providing a combination of distance and forgiveness that few others could match. It seems Ping has made some improvements with its new G30. With the G30, Ping also adds more “pop” to its best-selling driver line with a bright blue color scheme. The subtle addition of a blue hue, seen with a stripe on the bottom of the driver head,

In addition, the TaylorMade SLDR irons are a completely new product from the company, with a size that’s smaller than the taylormade SpeedBlade irons but not as small as TaylorMade’s Tour Preferred iron line. TaylorMade designed the new SLDR irons with “classic shaping” and thin toplines and soles that make them playable for both high-handicap golfers as well as professionals — a big statement about the forgiveness of the irons.

If you are looking for fairway woods, the new titleist 915F fairway wood will also match your request. It has a slightly larger profile, giving it a higher moment of inertia for greater stability at impact. With less twisting of the club face on off center hits, even mis-hits go long and straight. Titleist has also made it easy to get your desired ball flight and dial in the correct launch conditions with the SureFit Tour hosel. More information can be found on

How to increase the distance of a pitching wedge

The ability to hit your pitching wedge consistently depends on a number of variables within your control and others outside of your control. The speed of your clubhead at the point of impact, the centeredness of contact and the direction that the clubhead approaches the ball all play TaylorMade R1 Driver for sale uk key roles in the distance of your shot. If you take a short, soft swing, you won’t hit your pitching wedge as far as if you take a full swing. Other factors include the lie of the ball and the speed and direction of the wind.

An effective way to improve your consistency with your pitching wedge and learn how far the ball travels on a regular basis is to practice at a driving range. Because ranges are equipped with yardage signs, it’s easy to hit taylormade sldr white driver for sale uk a number of balls and see where they land. Note your average distance with full swings and half swings. Knowing this information can help you shave strokes off your score.

The distance you can hit a golf ball with a pitching wedge depends primarily on your swing and your ability. If you are a beginner, it’s likely your pitching wedge play will be sporadic. As you develop your skills, you will gain more consistency in the distance of your shots.

Many golfers carry yardage books that help them gauge the distance from where their ball lies to the green or flagstick. Knowing this information is useful for selecting the right club for your shot. For example, if you hit your pitching wedge 100 yards and your ball is next the 100-yard marker, the pitching wedge is the right club to use.

Men typically hit their pitching wedge from 100 to 140 yards, depending on their skill level, while women hit the same club from 70 to 120 yards. Beginners often find they do not achieve these distances, but their distances will increase as their swing improves. PGA Tour players get an average carry distance of 136 yards with their TaylorMade SLDR Driver for sale uk pitching wedge. LPGA Tour players get an average carry distance of 100 yards with the same club, according to Andrew Rice Golf. The carry distance doesn’t take into consideration the roll distance, so the tour players will typically gain additional distance on these shots.


Review Ryder cup’s special thing

His form in the second half of this year has blown away a lot of people. I think we are witnessing at least a five-year spell as world number one. I think he is going to dominate in the way Tiger Woods did in the early 2000s.

The big turning point was Jordan missing his eight-foot putt TaylorMade R11S Driver for sale uk on the seventh to go four up. I followed him in on eight and nine for birdies and then came his three-putt on the 10th – a chink in his armour – and away I went.

Winning your own singles match just makes it that little bit more special on the Sunday afternoon of a Ryder Cup.

The most special thing about Tiger was his drive and desire, growing up with TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB Irons 2014 for sale uk images of Jack Nicklaus’s 18 majors as his inspiration. That kind of mental strength is tough to measure in a player.

There are a lot of emotions you go through on a day like that. To win like I did and have Rory there to be the first to celebrate with me – given everything that happened with us in the year – was very special.

I felt like I’d stepped up to the plate in leadership terms with my role alongside Victor Dubuisson. For the first time I realised my maturity as a player and it was a breakthrough on a lot of fronts for me.

Of course, a lot can happen in the next five years but, if Rory continues to play the way he is doing, he could win three, four or maybe five more majors in that time.

SLDR Hybrid quickly become the No. 1 seller

It’s consistent and really easy to hit. This hybrid is long. Before you buy it you’d better have it fitted. And get the most suitable loft for you. It will not cost a lot of time. But it is necessary.

The SLDR Rescue is likely to be longer (much longer) than your current hybrid, so buying the same loft will make a mess of your distance gaps. The head size and shape will be familiar to many who have used TaylorMade Rescue clubs before, and is extremely versatile. Consistently we got better loft and control in comparison to similar taylormade sldr 3 woodwe had on-hand. A relatively quiet sound off the face for a TaylorMade metalwood. However, it might not be the best choice for higher handicaps as the performance drop off on the mishits is pretty severe. To ensure even distance gaps between clubs, it’s important to get a fitting.

To increase ball speed and lower spin, the CG is farther forward than on all but one adjustable hybrid in company history. There are some big positives to this, along with some potential negatives. The new version of TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket has been made smaller than the original, allowing the face to flex faster at impact, promoting faster ball speeds. Designed to give you more control because your shots land on a steep angle and stop fast. On first look, the taylormade sldr hybrid looks very similar to original SLDR Rescue but features a reversed satin silver crown and black face and sole colour scheme.

The Ball Launch Monitor told a very similar story with little launch angle change in the different positions. Golf balls have reduced spin for greater distance, carry and maximum playability from tee or turf. The taylormade sldr driver 10.5 regular offers golfers the confidence they need to hit shots with more distance and accuracy all enclosed with a superior feel while maintaining faster ball speeds with lower spin meaning more yards! The “Loft- Sleeve” allows you to alter loft by +/- 1. 5 degree. By including a 12 position hosel adjustment sleeve offering +- 1.5° of adjustability (along with a variety of lie angles), users should find it easier to nail down a loft that gets them closer to ideal launch conditions.

SLDR Hybrid quickly become the No. 1 seller once it was released a few months ago. It is one of the longest hybrid. It can be hit as long as or even longer than the iron with the same loft. The distance is consistent. Really a good club to get in your bag.

More information at

TaylorMade Released SLDR and Received a New Member

It might be not so easy to find the right clubs for us. But if you choose TaylorMade, then things would become much more easier. Because each taylormade golf club would give you the effect you want and help you improve your game either in distance or forgiveness. Moreover, thanks to the new release of taylormade sldr, we can have a wider range of choice of better golf clubs. As we all know, good golf clubs are always our good weapons.

Now that the right equipment is essential to all golfers and having the backing of TaylorMade’s Tour team along with the industry’s best driver and fairway woods made it an easy decision for me, as we all endeavour to take our game to the next level.

During the 2014 season, Donaldson has consistently been in the top-30 of the Official World Golf Rankings thanks to several high profile finishes, including a second place at WGC – Cadillac Championship in March and a recent victory at the 2014 Czech Open. The multi-year agreement will also see the Welshman use a TaylorMade staff bag and Tour headwear. Over the past few seasons he’s been one of the most consistent performers on the European Tour and his career statistics speak for themselves, with close to 40 Top 10 finishes since gaining his card.


Now with the SLDR driver, the moveable weights in the heel and toe and the dial on the sole have been replaced with a single sliding weight in the 460cc titanium head. This reduces the weight of the cheap taylormade SLDR driver and makes it lighter so that in theory you get more clubhead speed from the same amount of effort. They have also moved the centre of gravity closer to the face which also increases ball speed, although this can also increase dispersion and reduce accuracy. These can also be found in cheap taylormade sldr irons.

In my opinion, the TaylorMade SLDR driver succeeds the cheap TaylorMade R1 driver and there are a lot of significant changes from the previous model. TaylorMade are promoting the SLDR driver with the line of ‘more distance through more loft’ as the head creates much less backspin than other models. This allows you to play a driver with a higher loft, which in turn makes it more forgiving and easier to hit and this is really the key benefit of this driver.

So, the sldr dirver can surely be a most forgiving driver. It would worth what you pay and spent, trust me! More details can be found on


Say hello to the older r11 irons


I think the R11 Irons can be a good example of taylormade’s R series. Although this company has bring a lot of new clubs and more technological clubs, the r11 irons are still liked and used by many golfers, including me. The R11 Irons are playable enough for low- and high-handicap players.

The R11’s are designed to consistently maintain the same swing weight and center of gravity (CG) in each iron, which is quite a feat. They are an amalgam of the popular Burner 2.0 and Tour Preferred irons from TaylorMade and feature a laundry list of features and benefits. When walking through a golf store, the TaylorMade R11 irons are not the first set that will catch my eye, but they could definitely be the second. According to the TaylorMade site, the 6-Wedge feature a more compact undercut pocket cavity with a focus on feel, control and accuracy. This assures each best price taylormade rbz irons for sale in the set is of uniform swingweight while also ensuring that the center of gravity location is precisely and optimally positioned in the center of the face between the toe and heel, also known as the “sweet spot.” It is designed to maintain the same swing weight and center of gravity in each iron.

The ultra thin face construction of the best price taylormade r11 irons for sale promotes faster ball speed and distance in long and short irons. This is mainly down to the smooth feel from an iron that still looks and plays quite forgiving. Additional forgiveness comes from Inverted Cone Technology, which promotes faster ball speed on off-centre hits. With the centre of gravity rising through the set, even the long-irons are a joy to hit and better players may choose to stick with these rather than go for a hybrid as they are just as easy to hit and more accurate. In addition, a light and lively face combines with “inverted cone technology” to deliver more consistent ball speeds and forgiveness on mis-hits.

Not only do these feel nice for a cast club, but they have good feel overall. Frankly, I’m impressed. It was very noticeable that the launch of the longer irons was higher than I am traditionally used too. reliable from the rough and tricky fairway lies. The feel throughout the set is also superb. best price taylormade sldr irons for sale The appearance at address is simple and traditional, with the top line melting seamlessly into the hosel.

Overall, I did enjoy these TaylorMade irons. For someone who is around a 10-15 handicap, I think you could play these.

More information on

TaylorMade SLDR Driver or White Driver?

Have you ever used the sldr driver before? I do not know whether you have used it or not. But there is one thing I know that everyone who have ever used it before would not regret. Sldr driver is Taylormade’s new product came out in early 2014. Many golf players were so exciting when the new sldr driver released. Taylormade golf clubs are always the symbol of distance and forgiveness.

TaylorMade is now promoting the SLDR driver with the line of more distance through more loft’ as the head creates much less backspin than other models. This allows you to play a driver with a higher loft, which in turn makes it more forgiving and easier to hit and this is really the key benefit of this driver. The higher launch with less spin should give you more distance and the extra loft will keep it online.

Now with the SLDR driver, the moveable weights in the heel and toe and the dial on the sole have been replaced with a single sliding weight in the 460cc titanium head. This reduces the weight of the taylormade SLDR driver and makes it lighter so that in theory you get more clubhead speed from the same amount of effort. They have also moved the centre of gravity closer to the face which also increases ball speed, although this can also increase dispersion and reduce accuracy.


However what this shows is that sometimes as well as improvements in the head, it has to work with the shaft. The shaft is the engine of the club and with technology improving all the time, new shaft types can also result in greater distance gains.

One of the benefits over the taylormade sldr white driver was the alignment aid it created between the white crown and white face. On the SLDR driver, TaylorMade have reversed this and you have a charcoal grey crown and a silver face giving you the same effect, even if it is not quite as pronounced.


However, unlike TaylorMade’s last white driver, the taylormade R1 driver, the new white SLDR doesn’t feature alignment graphics, but a more classical crown design that should appeal to a wider range of golfers.

As with previous generations, the contrast of the white crown and black face should help you align more accurately at address. Many golfers fell in love with white when it came out in 2011, and now we are delivering it with our low and forward CG for more distance when you loft up.

The technology in the white SLDR is the same as the standard model, so a low and forward CG reduces unwanted spin for more distance and accuracy, while a sliding weight on the sole promotes up to 30 yards of shot shape adjustment.

So, if you were a big fan of the white-headed R11 and RocketBallz drivers then you will be excited to hear that TaylorMade has announced the launch of a white SLDR driver. And taylormade is always the leader of golf clubs online producing and designing. They really worth what you pay and cost. More information can be found on

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