It Is Difficult to Make Changes in Golf

Once the habit or certain behavior is formed, it will be difficult for you make any changes. You can find this very common in your dail life. Some habits espeicall bad habits would do harm to your life and you want to change them, but things seem not so easy. Most people have no luck in getting new things and changing the habits. If you are used to do things in a certain way as usual, then you will seldom do it at another way. In golf, things always happen as the same as daily lives. However, we really need some fresh things to change our existing state of affairs especially those not good ones.

In golf, if you want to make a progress or improvement, you need to make a change. For example, you used to hit ball in a high way, but you are asked to hit lower down to improve your score in good shots. Then you will find it very hard to do that; also, you may also need to change some old and cheap golf clubs to new ones to improve your game. But who can make a change so easy on such golf clubs which you have used for years? But sometimes, they are necessary.

So, have you ever though that why change is so difficult? One of the biggest challenges to a golfer of any skill level is making a swing change. Often, this is due to physical limitations that can affect their ability to create the correct sequence of motion in the golf swing. It can be frustrating to try to make changes when the body is simply unable to move effectively. This is when it’s essential to have the correct team that is capable of identifying the solution to the problem. Sometimes, you can consider to change to a taylormade sldr driver to have a try. Maybe you will get different and surprised result.

Actually, having a qualified golf, fitness or medical professional that can physically assess you and determine if there is a physical limitation affecting your swing, is essential to developing as a golfer. Two areas of concern that often affect golfers are poor thoracic mobility and poor hip mobility, both of which are necessary to create a consistent and powerful motion in the golf swing using a new titleist 915 d2 driver.

So, next time, when you find it hard to make any progress, you may have a try of some changes either in taylormade burner 2.0 irons or way of playing. Not long ago, I have just changed me ping g25 driver to a new ping g30 driver. And I am going to make a change on my old taylormade burner 2.0 irons. Hope they can give me a fresh feeling in golf playing and improve my game.

Is Your Driver Going too Quick or Fast? Any Difference?

Have you ever been suffered bad golf playing due to quick swing? Golf swing as one of the most important but difficult part of golf, which really make difficulty to every body who want to play golf. To play golf well, you should firstly have good golf swing skill. This is not what everyone can accomplish, but you still can do your best. There is a misuderstanding in quick golf, some people may prefer quick golf swing to save time and show ability to others. This is really not soemthing sensible.

Actually, quick means not fast. Maybe you can do a quick swing, but it cannot be fast in equal. Usually, we say fast mean the ball goes fast to hit long distance. But if too quick, it can only show that you did not prepare eough and hit the ball out with less thinking. Interestingly, if the average PGA Tour player was swinging at 80% of their max, then their maximum speed should be a whopping 141.25 mph. This simply isn’t the case.

Most golfers feel they are swinging at an effort level that is significantly less their maximum, but the reality is they are swinging at an effort only marginally less then their maximum. To illustrate, all other things being equal, a golfer with a maximum distance of 250 yards will only hit it 200 yards with an 80% swing. The fact is that no one wants to hit it 50 yards less?


Because players tend to think they are so far under their max swing speed on taylormade burner 2.0 irons, when the ball starts going a little crooked, it’s very common to hear them say “My swing was too fast – I need to slow it way down”.  Another question comes-you want to hit it way shorter? Don’t think of it as slowing the swing down. Rather, think of it as smoothing the titleist 915f fairway wood out in fairway. This difference in thought process is subtle but crucial.

You should never swing the ping g25 driver at your full effort. Proper effort on proper and cheap golf clubs would be a better choice. It can actually lead to an increase in swing speed. Additionally, the ball strike tends to be more centered which definitely leads to more ball speed and longer distance.

Believe it or not, a golf swing is never too fast but it can be too quick. Quickness never stand for speed, however, it would lead to a poor sequence and then a loss of speed. So next time you think you’re swing is getting too fast, tell yourself it’s too quick and concentrate on just smoothing out your swing. If you want more drivers, please check on

Longer Drivers or Shorter ones? Which to Choose?

I know that most of the golf players have ever faced such a problem- which driver should I choose? Longer or shorter? Which would be better? Yes, different brand golf clubs may have different length. But this has not been a problem when the shaft length can do custom fittings nowdays. Generally speaking, a shorter club is easier to be controlled than longer one. If you have ever experienced a game with different length of drivers, you should know the difference.

However with the use of technology like trackman, we know that it is far more important to hit the center of the clubface than increase your swing speed by a few miles an hour.  It is easier to hit the center of the clubface with a shorter club than a longer club, therefore if you feel like you are struggling with your current driver here’s a few things you can try before you cut that driver down or order a new one.

Among all the golf clubs, TaylorMade golf clubs are usually longer than other golf clubs. And long shafts have been a sign feature of taylormade. As you can see the new TaylorMade SLDR Driver with long shafts, it can still bring long distance. And long distance is always what we are looking for. That’s why TaylorMade can enjoy a great place in golf field. But if for forgiveness, the sldr driver cannot catch up with Ping G25 Driver. Ping clubs do not have such long drivers as taylormade, but its huge forgiveness would be a big reason for players who buy them.


Therefore, club fittings seem more and more important now. Almost all golf stores including online store can do custom fittings for their customers. So, just schedule an appointment with a clubfitting expert for a driver fitting and have them check titleist 915 d2 driver length for you. The correct length can make it easier to maintain your body angles throughout the swing and as a result you may pick up distance as a result of better swing mechanics.

Golf players especially golf beginners should have right golf clubs to proceed with the game. Wrong length cheap golf clubs australia can always cause problems during golf playing. If you think you can control the longer clubs, then just go ahead, otherwise, you’d better start with shorter clubs and then change when needed step by step. And please note the custom fittings should be better within 1/4 to 2 inch. Too long shafts would surely lead to swing problems.

SLDR driver is a Top range club offer distance and accuracy

I have read a lot of reviews about the SLDR Driver before i buy it. I think it is very important to do that before you decided to get a club. Of course it is better to try it before you buy it. I have played with SLDR Driver for a few days. It is a very helpful club.

TaylorMade’s SLDR has had a fast take-up on both the main tours. Interestingly, the buzz surrounding the SLDR Driver has come with plenty of heckles from the peanut gallery. With the release of the taylormade sldr driver for sale. TaylorMade has taken ball flight to a new level. The Big Bertha is good. When I hit the Bertha square, I smoke it. But I found my misses were more exaggerated with the Bertha than the SLDR. Placing TaylorMade SLDR down at address in rare sun-kissed Surrey sunshine there’s a modern, classic looking head shape on offer, in a pleasing charcoal grey and black crown. The dark crown, the silver face and the great sound.  I couldn’t believe how much better the auditory feedback was from the SLDR.

SLDR driver

The 20g SLDR weight, emblazoned in a magnificent blue, runs horizontally along the bottom of the club and is adjustable to 21 different locations which allows the player to make adjustments to set up for a fade shot (set towards the toe) or a draw (set towards the heel). SLDR was 10 times more consistent and it felt better off the face. Although the driver head is 460cc in volume, larger than the heads used by many touring professionals, SLDR already has gained a following among them.

A light sensation through the swing can lead to a quicker tempo and swing speed. Thetaylormade sldr irons price, on the other hand, has a sliding weight that tips the scales at 20 grams. That gives it more than double the influence on a driver’s center of gravity than the R1’s moveable weights. It seemed about the ideal setting right now since I was pulling a number of my driver ever so slightly and hitting up the left side of the fairway. Turning clubhead over into palm of glove and there’s a simple sliding 20g weight on display, positioned towards the front of the driver. The nice feature here is that shafts that may have been originally built for either the R1 or the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver reviews can now be utilized with the SLDR driver as well.

Taylormade produce SLDR Driver for replacing the R1. It is the top club in the company’s range. It offers impressive distance and accuracy. If you are looking for a driver and request distance or accuracy, this driver is the one you must try.

TaylorMade SLDR Irons Vs Titleist AP2 714 Irons

The best golf irons are for best golf players. In 2014, golf brands seem very active in producing new golf clubs to meet all golfer’s demand. Apart the business profits aside, these big golf companies really helped quantities of golf players who are eager to change or replace their golf equipment. You can see this from TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway, Titleist and many other great golf brands. Moreover, the taylormade is now in its sldr-ing age.

When it comes to TaylorMade, we cannot help oursleves to remind its great and long golf drivers and irons. This time, the new TaylorMade SLDR Irons still not let us down in performance. And SLDR has become a brand name more than a descriptive name when the SLDR fairways and SLDR hybrids were launched without sliding anything apart from the money from your wallet. Visually they stand out in the current range from the matt silver finish of the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Irons and the TaylorMade Speedblade Irons because they have a shiny chrome finish, which looks pretty good.


However if you want to see this for yourself you may struggle to do so unless you head to a TaylorMade Tuned Performance Centre, as this is the only place you can get them. The SLDR trailing edge does not feature the slight grind on it that the CB has, so that might be important to some as it will change the feeling through the turf.


To compare with the sldr irons, I want to talk about another golf sets-Titleist AP2 714 Irons. You may doubt why I compare with these 2 different brand and designs golf irons. But in my opinion, the AP2 714 is as the same good as sldr. The AP2 714 features more meaningful changes under the skin, but not so major that they change the characteristics of the AP2 chassis that has been so successful. This allows it to flex a little more and also creates some extra weight to move lower in the head to lower the centre of gravity for more forgiveness.

So, if you ask me which one I like better, I would choose the AP2 714. And if you are also looking for best golf irons with forgiveness, then just choose the Titleist AP2 714 series; if you prefer launch and spin than forgiveness, you can adhere to the new sldr irons. Different people may have different requests on golf clubs, this is common.

To Release the Grip Is Just to Release Yourself

With the development and fast pace of golf, more and more people play golf with an aim for business. Thanks to golf, more and more business call it to due almost on each course. But when you are playing golf for business, did you really enjoy the game and have a fun? Sorry, I do not mean everyone who plays golf for fun would not enjoy the game. But once if you play golf under some other purpose, you will surely be affected. So, it is important to learn to release yourself no matter what kind of golf you are playing with.

Actually, to release yourself and enjoy the real game is not an easy task. But you can start it from releasing the grip of your taylormade burner 2.0 irons. Sometimes, your golf clubs can be your best friends, but sometimes, they might also be your enemies if you do not treat them correctly. Now, a question is coming- how to release the grip so that to release yourself? The first thing you need to do is that you shall never put too much pressure or tension on the grips.

If your grip pressure is too tight not only will it cost you distance but it will add tension to your swing, which also will make it more difficult to keep your shots online. The next time you play or practice try this little exercise to help you get a better grip of the TaylorMade SLDR White Driver on your game. Set up to the ball as you normally would and just before you start your backswing take a deep breath and then blow all the air in your body out of your mouth. When you do this you will feel your muscles start to relax and the tension in your grip will go right out of your fingers.

If you have done all things above, then just go ahead and make your swing and see how much more free your motion feels. Doing this will help you gain speed and control without trying to steer your shots.You will be tension free and in turn gain more control then ever.

No matter what kind of cheap golf clubs australia you use and what purpose you play golf for, remember to get easy about all the things. Release the taylormade sldr irons and then release your mood and brain. And then just let it go from your hands. You should keep in mind that golf is also a mental setted game.

The truth about great R11s Driver

I realized that the more time i spent with the R11s driver i like it more and more. It is better than the R11 in the shape of head and distance. I really enjoy the adjustablility. That’s why i share this driver with you. I think it is a great driver you can not miss.

Great sounding driver which most TM drivers are. Sounds and feels the same as my cheap Mizuno JPX825 Driver which I personally like. No tings and not muted more of an in between sound. Very pleasant. There are 80 different ways you can set up the R11S, and according to TaylorMade, the club offers 140 yards of left-and-right adjustability. I noticed I hit the ball all over the face early in the season, but didn’t lose significant distance or lose them way right or left.
TaylorMade took an already successful driver and made minor tweaks that will give you more foregiveness and a tad more ball speed. No one executes adjustability with TaylorMade’s sophistication. One of the longest drivers and the off-center hits keep you satisfied time after time. In all honestly they could have painted this driver any color and it still would be a great driver. Every time I get paired up with someone they pull out an R11S and every single person that I’ve talked to that has been gaming one claims they love it. The lighter the club the faster you can swing, therefor you get more distance. The taylormade r11s driver for sale is the follow up to the wildly successful R11. Raising eyebrows, TaylorMade launched an ad campaign that basically focused on its own product as the primary competition, touting the R11S as significantly longer than its predecessor, the original R11.
R11s Driver
However you have to put the club down first and then grip it in its new lie angle before you get the benefit of this feature and we are also not convinced by the theory behind the sole plate affecting ball flight as it is just changing the angle at which you grip the club. There is little getting away from the wow factor too with the Ping G20 Driver, and Dave B felt it more than lived up to the expectation and hype – he obtained excellent distance and felt it was very strong in terms of feel. The higher spin was the reason for its average showing in distance. Aesthetically, the white crown and black face combination makes alignment easy and eliminates any glare on top of the clubhead.
I know not everyone will love this white driver, but i do think this cheap golf clubs australia driver is good. If you try it, you will know that i am telling the truth. If you choose the right shaft with a right club head, it is perfect for your game.

Graeme McDowell suffers his third ever defeat

McDowell reached the quarter-finals of this event on his debut in 2011, the final in 2012 and won the title last year, while his victory over Alexander Levy in the opening group match on Wednesday made for an overall record of 15 wins from 17 matches.

Ilonen was six under par and four up after 10 holes with taylormade sldr, only for McDowell to birdie the 11th, 13th and 15th and threaten a repeat of his come-from-behind win over Jordan Spieth in the singles at Gleneagles.

“I was five under today and have played two guys that haven’t had any bogeys,” said Gallacher, who lost to Ireland’s Shane Lowry in his opening group match and cannot qualify for Saturday’s quarter-finals even if he beats Ryder Cup team-mate Victor Dubuisson on Friday.
1“It’s not a jinx. What happened at the last is typical match play golf as he’s won it with a birdie without having been on the fairway. I had a chance to shut the door on him a bit but I hit a poor second shot. If I’d have knocked TaylorMade SLDR Irons on the green, it would have made his fourth shot a bit more difficult.”

The best golf of the day came from Sweden’s Henrik Stenson, who recovered from three down after four and was eight under par for his last nine holes in beating Francesco Molinari 2&1, ensuring Molinari cannot reach the last eight.

Both players then found a greenside bunker at the short 17th but after McDowell missed his birdie attempt from long range, Ilonen holed out for birdie to seal the win.

TaylorMade 2014 Tour Preferred CB Irons Review

The new taylormade tour preferred cb irons 2014 are another cast set of irons with TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket technology. They appeal to a mass audience as well as the occasional better player. Let’s see if they should earn a spot in your bag.

TaylorMade has widened the sole a bit to make up for that loss of CoG-lowering steel. That’s great for launch, not so much for playability. The main design conceit of these irons is that they’re a balancing act: on one hand, they have the “Tour Preferred” branding, they come with KBS Tour shafts, they have a somewhat traditional look, they have a satin chrome finish, and a few professionals have put them in play.

The words “Tour Preferred” are written in white and red, with “CB” in white closer to the heel. The cavity is styled very similarly to the Taylormade RocketBladez irons, with the “TaylorMade” script on the muscle and a plastic sticker in the cavity. The undercut cavity extends to the hosel of the club, where a small cutout has been made, presumably to remove weight from the heel of the club.
4The TP CBs have a bit more offset, and the soles and muscle portion of the back of the club are both thicker on the Tour Preferreds, so with some of the long irons you can see them at address. Keeping with the “Tour Preferred” design style, the toe of the club is more angular than, say, the TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons. That’s a nice touch that, along with the polished chrome, helps to give the club a relatively classic look from the back.

What did impress me was the feel on mishits. They increased the size of the SpeedPocket towards the heel and toe of the club, and that added polymer really did help. I could still feel when a shot was off-center based on the twisting of the club in my hands, but I certainly wasn’t met with the hand-stinging sensation that most irons give you.

Ideally, these are a spectrum-spanning set of irons. I like the sound of the Taylormade Tour Preferred CB irons. And if you are, the performance of these irons on mishits is great.

Classic Looking Taylormade SLDR Irons with Big Forgiveness

At the beginning of this year, I was testing Taylormade SLDR Irons price against the burner 2.0 irons taylormade. Many golfers found longer drives by lofting up with a club with low and forward CG, and with the SLDR irons, the company hopes to add more distance throughout your bag.

Even though I the SLDR Irons measured about 2-degrees weaker per club, they had a peak height that was about 20 feet lower than the taylormade burner 2.0 irons. While the grips are solid, I prefer wrap grips and will eventually switch them to a PURE Wrap. The lighter weight version promises to give all of the benefits of the originals, and paired with the SLDR heads, they promote a high launch and increased spin control.

I think that these clubs have really good looks. Obviously many people, myself included, prefer the smaller, sleeker shapes of blades or irons with slight cavity backs, but these aren’t far off. While many clubs in the game improvement category have super thick top lines or massive amounts of offset, the SLDR irons more resemble a players club that has been blown up just a bit.
YouTube 预览图像
I even took some swings with a custom made Taylormade SLDR driver, a 12 degree model. It flew. The majority of the club sports a beautiful, polished chrome finish. Above the cavity of the club is a “SLDR” badge, and inside the cavity is the TaylorMade wordmark. There are also some lines that follow the overall shape of the cavity. One thing that I did find a little odd about the clubs is that there seems to be a lack of continuity between the looks of the longer irons and the wedges.

At address, I feel that the clubs hide their size. While they are larger than the taylormade tour preferred mb irons 2014, the top lines are only marginally thicker and the amount of offset is kept pretty low. The bottom line is this, are there better looking clubs out there? Yeah, but I’d say you’d be hard to find a set that is as good looking as these with this amount of forgiveness.

Overall, its a simple design from a looks perspective and one I generally like. I’d say somewhere around 1/2 a club compared to my previous set, so a 7 iron would put me at 155 yards instead of 150. What is probably more important is the consistency in which shots travel the same distance.

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